Ten Ways You Can Put Lemons to Use in The Kitchen

Ten Ways You Can Put Lemons to Use in The Kitchen

There are numerous ways in which you can use a single food! Today, we let you know 10 new and great ways you can put lemons to use. Use lemons in the following foods and ways to add a zing to your taste buds and a wow to your kitchen…

1. Slice up a lemon or two and place them in an ice tray.

Now, pour water over them and let them freeze. You have some lovely lemony ice cubes ready for your next glass of punch!

2. Boil some split yellow lentils with a pinch of turmeric and salt in them.

Squeeze a little lemon juice into the hot lentil soup and enjoy hot! It is also an excellent remedy for cold and flu!

3. Squeeze some lemon juice on freshly boiled rice.

The rice grains will become wonderfully fluffy and fragrant. Enjoy hot!

4. Squeeze some lemon juice into extra virgin olive oil.

Add some crushed garlic, black pepper, coarse salt, and some finely chopped fresh herbs to it. You have a great salad dressing ready!

5. Low-fat luscious lemon-cream dressing for your baked potatoes or salads!

Whisk some lemon juice into low-fat hung yoghurt, and season to taste. Serve hot!

Ten Ways You Can Put Lemons to Use in The Kitchen

6. Take the flavour up several notches by spiking your Dijon mustard with some lemon juice.

Also adds enough vitamin C to it!

7. Place one sliced lemon with 1 tablespoonful of black tea leaves and a cinnamon stick.

Steep in hot water for a minute or two! Add a teaspoonful of honey, and enjoy!

8. Toss your pasta with some garlic, lemon, fruity olive oil and fresh basil.

Amazing! You can use the same dressing on hot pizza!

9. Divide a lemon into two and sprinkle coarse salt on it.

Rub on elbows and knees to scrub away dead cells. It will also bring radiance to skin.

10. Some coarse salt on half a lemon.

Use it to rub the grease off grimy pans and cooking surfaces.

We are sure you’ve found 10 new and exciting ways in which you will use lemons now! Enjoy!

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