Ten Fun, Crazy or Unusual Bottles of Washing Up Liquid

In the realm of everyday household essentials, washing up liquid is often relegated to the mundane category — something you’d hardly give a second glance. Yet, in an age where innovation and creativity know no bounds, even the most commonplace items are not immune to a touch of the extraordinary. From unconventional ingredients to artistic bottles that could easily pass for modern decor, the world of washing up liquids has seen some intriguing transformations. Join us as we explore ten of the most unusual bottles of washing up liquid, showcasing how something so routine can be transformed into a captivating conversation starter. Whether you’re an avid collector or just looking for a splash of novelty in your kitchen, these selections are sure to intrigue and inspire…

Fit Weisser Pfirsich & Muskat (White peach & nutmeg)

10. Fit Weisser Pfirsich & Muskat (White peach & nutmeg)

We have “Nostalgic Packaging Design Series” for this very limited edition bottle with Spices for fit Washing up liquid. Fit is normally a traditional washing-up liquid, so the aim was to transfer the scent-driven product characteristics into an emotional and enchanting packaging visual.

Read the Label London Washing Up Liquid - Bergamot and Grosso Lavender

9. Read the Label London Washing Up Liquid – Bergamot and Grosso Lavender

Regular use of traditional washing-up liquids can lead to dry skin, while submerging hands in chemical-based products may lead to hormonal imbalances and sensitisation. This new handcrafted duo of Read/the/label washing up liquids are chemical-free and perfectly blended and balanced with the finest pure essential oil scents to ensure they only have positive effects on your well-being. Not only that, they cut through grease and grime, smell lovely and look super chic!

Easy Unicorn Washing Up Liquid

8. Easy Unicorn Washing Up Liquid

This limited edition Easy washing up liquid features a cute unicorn design ready to bring some magic into your washing up routine! Designed in a round 500ml bottle, this Easy washing up liquid is ready to tackle grease like magic and brings some fun to an otherwise tedious chore.

FAIRY Diamond Jubilee Special Edition

7. FAIRY Diamond Jubilee Special Edition

“As part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 2012 this much loved and very old brand decided to issue a Jubilee special edition of their famous washing up liquid bottle. It’s label was the winning design of a competition and features pots and pans, a Corgi and the jolly vintage line ‘Have Fun Then Clean Up’ – reminiscent of ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ from a forgotten wartime poster that is now seen on merchandise everywhere. And yes, before you ask there really is people out there that collect these.

Fabulosa Rainbow Drops Washing up Liquid

6. Fabulosa Rainbow Drops Washing up Liquid

Every drop of Fabulosa Washing Up Liquid provides the ultra long lasting cleaning power you expect for your washing up. Its concentrated formula cuts through grease instantly giving you brilliant clean dishes with a wonderful “Rainbow Drops” smell to them.

Tom Dixon London Washing Up Liquid

5. Tom Dixon London Washing Up Liquid

This smokey-black bottle of antibacterial gel contains aloe vera (‘for its soothing and hydrating properties’) and is scented with designer Tom Dixon’s ‘London’ fragrance (featuring ‘notes of pepper, vetiver and patchouli’). OK, so its ridiculously expensive, but the spicy smell is divine and the big black bottle would happily grace a stylish granite or slate apartment kitchen (although the rose-gold print may clash with polished chrome fittings).

The White Company Wild Mint Washing Up Liquid

4. The White Company Wild Mint Washing Up Liquid

This liquid forms part of the wild mint collection (hand cream and wash, diffuser, candle and ‘home spray’), which ‘captures the unbeatably cooling aroma of wild mint on a calm day’. Made with lemon peel and peppermint oils, it claims to ‘clean your dishes while remaining gentle on your hands’, and is ‘destined to have pride of place on your kitchen work surface’, where it will ‘transform a chore into a more enjoyable task’.

Sandringham Royal Estate Natural Dish Wash

3. Sandringham Royal Estate Natural Dish Wash

When she was alive Her Majesty has launched her own washing up liquid, and it’s ten times more than the cost of Fairy Liquid. The posh washing liquid sells for £14.99 a bottle, after it was revealed that the Queen enjoys doing the dishes.

Astier De Villatte Liquide Vaisselle

2. Astier De Villatte Liquide Vaisselle

Founded in 1996 by Ivan Pericoli and Benoit Astier de Villatte, la Maison of the same name quickly became the most chic ceramic manufacturer in Paris. A mix of craftsmanship and fantasy. Astier de Villatte is also known for his prestigious collaborations with artist Setsuko Klossowska de Rola, Balthus’s widow painter or John Derian, an image-cutting artist who creates poems at the bottom of your plate. They enjoy creating a scented dishwashing liquid which became a best seller.

Method Morag Myerscough Washing Up Liquid

1. Method Morag Myerscough Washing Up Liquid

In collaboration with London-based designer Morag Myerscough this limited edition Method washing up liquid has a stand-out colour-popping design. It was scented with watermelon that was naturally derived from biodegradable ingredients.

In today’s world, where innovation meets daily life, even something as common as washing up liquid doesn’t remain untouched by the waves of creativity. These ten unusual bottles not only prove that functional can be stylish, but they also represent the evolution of packaging and its growing significance in our consumer landscape. They challenge the norms of design, play with aesthetics, and even provide a platform for sustainability and artistic expression. Whether it’s to make a statement in your kitchen or to reduce your carbon footprint, there’s an unusual bottle out there for everyone.

Now that you’re informed about these unique washing up liquid bottles, why not bring a touch of innovation to your home? The next time you’re shopping, keep an eye out for these designs or share this article with a friend who appreciates the blend of function and art. Let’s redefine our cleaning experiences, one bottle at a time!

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