Ten Restive Recipes for Alternative Christmas Puddings

I love my Christmas dinner, all those super tasty pigs in blankets and I even enjoy the sprouts! But there is one festive food I can not stand and that is Christmas pudding. Each and every year my parents would make one, hide the coins inside and make me eat it by drowning it in custard. The problem is I am older now, so I understand the traditions of Christmas a little more and what makes it special. So a traditional Christmas pudding is needed, but maybe something a little more unusual will go down better…

Panettone Bread

Panettone Bread – Recipe Link

This very festive looking Panettone bread full of Gelatorino Ice-Cream is a great alternative and best of all it is easier than ever to get your hands on a Panettone bread dessert because they are everywhere!

Sticky Ginger Pear Pudding

Sticky Ginger Pear Pudding – Recipe Link

This is just about as close to the real thing as I would like to tread. Moist, light and most probably tastes absolutely beautiful!

Clementine Puddings With Rosemary Cream

Clementine Puddings With Rosemary Cream – Recipe Link

Made with Spanish clementines these offer a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity making them a very citrusy alternative to the traditional Christmas pudding.

Christmas Pudding Chocolate Cake Pops

Christmas Pudding Chocolate Cake Pops – Recipe Link

Not only does a cake pop have the perfect shape, but they can also make the perfect alternative festive puddings!

Mars Bar Christmas crackles

Mars Bar Christmas crackles – Recipe Link

If you are looking for something you know the kids (and us adults) will enjoy the Christmas why not make this Mars bar fussed rise crispy pudding cakes!

Christmas Pudding Cheese

Christmas Pudding Cheese – Recipe Link

Now I know this time of year is all about cheese, but a Christmas pudding cheese might just be going too far! But as I am a lover of cheese I am willing to give this a go.

Christmas Pudding Piñata Cake

Christmas Pudding Piñata Cake – Recipe Link

I really don’t think you could cram more fun into one cake than this. Not only is it a tasty chocolate cake anyway, but inside it is full of sweets giving it a kind of pinata style! I think this one really captures the whole spirit of Christmas, fun, surprise and perfect for kids.

Mini Christmas Truffle Puddings

Mini Christmas Truffle Puddings – Recipe Link

A Christmas pudding doesn’t have to be massive! These bite-sized Christmas pudding themed truffles are perfect for those of us with little time to mess around if you don’t have much time just dust some truffles!

Winter Pudding Bombe - Recipe Link

Winter Pudding Bombe – Recipe Link

This might well be not much more than the Worlds biggest profiterole, but as far as alternative puddings go it is not bad at all.

Honeycomb Balls Christmas Pudding

Honeycomb Balls Christmas Pudding – Recipe Link

This festive pudding is made from chocolate honeycombed balls, topped with a drizzle of Belgian white chocolate all with a chocolate orange crunch centre!

Do you know of any other alternatives to the festive Christmas pudding? If you do why not leave a recipe link in the comments below.

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