Ten of The Best Spoon Rests To Save Your Worktops

Cooking can be a joyous and creative experience, but it often comes with the inevitable aftermath of a messy kitchen. One simple yet highly effective tool to keep your countertops clean and your cooking space organised is the humble spoon rest. Not only do spoon rests provide a designated spot for your utensils, preventing drips and stains on your worktops, but they also add a touch of style to your kitchen. In this article, we will explore ten of the best spoon rests available, each chosen for their functionality, design, and ability to save your worktops from the chaos of cooking. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or charming and rustic, our top picks are sure to meet your needs and elevate your culinary space.

Zulay Kitchen Silicone Spoon and Utensil Rest

Zulay Kitchen Silicone Spoon and Utensil Rest – Buy Now on Amazon

The Zulay Kitchen Silicone Spoon and Utensil Rest is an essential tool for any kitchen, designed to keep your countertops clean with its raised edges that catch oil and sauce drips, making it a perfect addition to your kitchen gadgets. With four slots, this utensil rest ensures a clutter-free cooking session by providing ample space to park your spoons, spatulas, ladles, brushes, tongs, or forks, allowing for a stress-free multitasking experience. Made from food-grade, heat-resistant silicone, this spoon rest can withstand proximity to the stove or countertop without being affected by heat, and its non-slip base ensures it stays in place, making your cooking experience smoother. For easy cleanup, simply toss this versatile kitchen tool holder in the dishwasher.

Ketchup Splash Spoon Rest

Ketchup Splash Spoon Rest – Buy Now on Amazon

The Ketchup Splash Spoon Rest, made from heat-resistant and flexible silicone, is a fun and practical addition to any kitchen. Shaped like a playful splash, this versatile tool can hold a spoon or double as a coaster for your coffee mug. Its easy-to-clean design allows for simple rinsing and wiping, making it reusable and convenient for daily use.

Fred Sauced Up Ravioli Spoon Rest

Fred Sauced Up Ravioli Spoon Rest – Buy Now on Amazon

The Fred Sauced Up Ravioli Spoon Rest is both fun and functional, showcasing your love for stuffed pasta with its hilariously oversized, billowy design. This sturdy spoon rest is shaped like a pasta pillow, specifically crafted to catch extra spilled sauce before it hits your stovetop, ensuring your kitchen stays clean. Measuring 3.94 x 3.94 inches, this unique and charming spoon rest is sure to keep your kitchen from getting sauced!

Fried Egg Spoon Rest

Fried Egg Spoon Rest – Buy Now on Amazon

The Fried Egg Spoon Rest is a cute and cheerful addition to any kitchen, making it a perfect gift for cooking lovers. Its delightful design resembles a real fried egg, adding a joyful and fun element to even the smallest kitchens. This budget-friendly utensil rest not only sparks joy every time it’s used but also offers great convenience by keeping countertops clean. Plus, it cleans up beautifully in the dishwasher, making it both a practical and whimsical kitchen accessory.

Zerodeko Cat Ceramic Spoon Rest

Zerodeko Cat Ceramic Spoon Rest – Buy Now on Amazon

The Zerodeko Cat Ceramic Spoon Rest features a charming cartoon cat design that adds a touch of Japanese decor to any kitchen, making it a stylish addition to your countertops, cooktop, tabletop, coffee bar, or coffee station. This hand-held sized spoon rest is perfect for resting kitchen utensils, while its simple and elegant design seamlessly matches your kitchen decor. Made from durable ceramic, the cute and elegant cat-shaped spoon holder also makes a delightful gift for family and friends.

Avocado Spoon Rest

Avocado Spoon Rest – Buy Now on Amazon

The Avocado Spoon Rest takes your love for avocados to the next level with its adorable design, featuring a seed-removed spot perfect for resting your wooden spoon. This trendy and functional kitchen accessory prevents greasy splodges and stains on your immaculate countertops. Made from silicone and 100% food safe, it’s also dishwasher friendly, making cleanup a breeze. It’s the perfect gift for foodies and avocado lovers who want to add a touch of whimsy to their kitchens.

British Post Box Ceramic Spoon Rest

British Post Box Ceramic Spoon Rest – Buy Now on Amazon

The British Post Box Ceramic Spoon Rest is a charming kitchen accessory designed in the style of a classic British postbox, measuring approximately 15 x 6 cm. Made from high-quality ceramic and presented in a gift box, this spoon rest makes a perfect novelty gift for a friend, adding a touch of whimsical British flair to any kitchen.

Gnome Ceramic Spoon Rest

Gnome Ceramic Spoon Rest – Buy Now on Amazon

The Gnome Shaped Ceramic Spoon Rest is a whimsical and practical kitchen accessory, measuring 2 cm in height, 23.5 cm in width, and 10.5 cm in depth, with an overall product weight of 0.18 kg. This charming spoon rest adds a playful touch to your kitchen decor while providing a convenient spot to rest your utensils.

Bee Ceramic Spoon Rest

Bee Ceramic Spoon Rest – Buy Now on Amazon

The Bee Ceramic Spoon Rest is a charming and whimsical kitchen accessory, handmade from ceramic and designed in the shape of a fat bumble bee. This adorable spoon rest adds a joyful touch to your kitchen decor, making it perfect for the stovetop as a unique utensil holder. It’s an ideal gift for honey lovers, bee enthusiasts, or as a cute home accessory.

Accoutrements Bacon Ceramic Spoon Rest

Accoutrements Bacon Ceramic Spoon Rest – Buy Now on Amazon

The Accoutrements Bacon Ceramic Spoon Rest is a delightful and practical kitchen accessory that brings the beloved flavor of bacon to your countertop. Measuring 3-1/2″ x 10″ (8.9 cm x 25.4 cm), this ceramic strip of bacon sits conveniently next to your stove, allowing you to rest your spoons and ladles without soiling your clean surfaces. Once again, bacon comes to the rescue, adding both functionality and fun to your kitchen.

As we wrap up our list of the ten best spoon rests to save your worktops, we hope you’ve found the perfect match for your kitchen. Whether you prefer something whimsical and fun or sleek and modern, a good spoon rest not only keeps your countertops clean but also adds a touch of personality to your cooking space.

Investing in a quality spoon rest can make a big difference in your daily cooking routine. So, why wait? Upgrade your kitchen today with one of these top picks and enjoy a cleaner, more organised workspace.

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