Ten of The Best Wooden Kitchen Worktops And Their Uses

Designing or re-designing your kitchen is an exciting process quite simply, there are so many options from which to choose. However, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at all the choices from walls to worktops, here are some of the best solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Every family uses their kitchen in a slightly different way. That’s why there is no ‘one size fits all’ worktop for every household. Whether you have a home filled with tiny toddlers intent on creating havoc, touchy teenagers with the inability to clean, or you’re a couple with a love for luxury, there is a kitchen worktop that will fit in with your lifestyle and look stunning in your kitchen setting. Here are the top 10 wooden kitchen worktops available and their uses.

Beech Worktops

1. Beech Worktops

Beech block worktops are the ideal solution for a busy kitchen. A hardwood, beech is an extremely popular choice for families who plan to use their kitchen rather than just look at it. However, if you are seeking something aesthetically pleasing as well as fully functional, beech block worktops are a great choice, with their warm colour and prominent grain. Additionally, they are the ideal option for those on a budget.

Oak Worktops

2. Oak Worktops

For a kitchen that’s full of character, it has to be oak. This natural wood darkens over time for a unique and traditional quality you don’t find with man-made worktop materials.

Maple Worktops

3. Maple Worktops

If you are looking for a worktop that’s hard wearing, maple is a great choice. You simply don’t get wood that’s much more solid. With honey tones, this works brilliantly in light and airy environments.

Walnut Worktops

4. Walnut Worktops

A dark and dreamy wood with a wavy grain, walnut suits the traditional kitchen and is best teamed up with white or ivory cupboard doors for a homely contrast.

Iroko Worktops

5. Iroko Worktops

If you haven’t heard of the wood iroko, you are to be forgiven although this is a wood that’s hard to forget. An African timber in a rich bronze, it’s durable and beautiful in equal measure.

Zebrano Worktops

6. Zebrano Worktops

This is a wood with the wow factor, Zebrano is a warm toffee with deep brown grains that give the worktop a zebra-style effect. Sensationally beautiful wood that makes a statement, you’ll find Zebrano in kitchens of luxury.

Black American Walnut

7. Black American Walnut

Black American walnut is a deep, dark wood with a beautiful grain. It’s rich and beautiful, darkening to almost black over time the colour of a coffee bean.

Bamboo Worktops

8. Bamboo Worktops

Pale yellow in colour, bamboo deepens to a golden hue. This is certainly a wood for the eco-conscious, as it is one of the most sustainable materials on the planet.

Cherry Worktops

9. Cherry Worktops

Warm and inviting, cherry is a vibrant caramel in shade and perfectly complements a wealth of different designs both traditional and modern.

Wenge Worktops

10. Wenge Worktops

Almost as black as wood can be, wenge is a dramatically beautiful material which is extremely dense and ideally suited to the busy kitchen as it is so hard-wearing. Whatever you are looking for in your kitchen worktop, there is wood to meet your needs.

Do you have a wooden worktop in your kitchen? If you do and enjoy using it why not tell us about it in the comments below.

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