Ten Different Ways to Enjoy Tofu

At first look, tofu is not exactly the food that induces salivation and cravings. The white and soft block of curd is not really an appetizing sight and even when it is cooked the light brown colour looks a little plain. Well, here’s a sound piece of advice: looks can be deceiving!

Although this food is not at all visually appealing, you’ll be amazed at just how delicious tofu can be. Tofu has a delicate and unique flavour. There are different types of tofu. These include fresh tofu and processed tofu. Both varieties are used to make a great number of dishes. In vegetarian cuisine, tofu is often used as a substitute for meat products. For those who have a sweet tooth, this food is also used to create a light yet wonderful desserts.

But more than being delicious, tofu is also very nutritious. It is low in calories as well as in cholesterol. This food also possesses high amounts of calcium as well as isoflavones and magnesium. If you want to know more about this tofu, here is a top ten list of yummy tofu treats that you can create right in your own kitchen:
Tofu Salad

10. Tofu Salad

Do you want to remove those extra pounds you gained during the holiday season? Then it’s about time that you switch to something healthy. One great diet dish that you can try is tofu salad. This type of salad resembles the flavour of antipasti. The tofu is often marinated to ensure that it will have a classic Italian flavour. It is blended with other ingredients such as garlic, capers, Dijon mustard, black pepper, artichokes and olive oil. Tofu in this recipe also replaces traditional mozzarella cheese for less fat and an extra kick!

Tofu Jerky

9. Tofu Jerky

Here’s a healthier alternative to the favourite meat jerky —- tofu jerky! Tofu jerky is a luscious savoury dish that uses healthy tofu instead of pork or beef. Firm tofu is combined with other ingredients such as soy sauce, liquid smoke, black pepper and honey. It has a distinct sweet and sour taste that you will definitely love.

Tofu jerky can be eaten for dinner. It is best when served warm with noodles or a bowl of rice. You can even trick your kids into eating something nutritious by serving them this tasty dish.

Tofu Pizza

8. Tofu Pizza

Don’t call that pizza delivery hotline just yet! Perhaps you want to give a second thought before ordering that calorie-filled pepperoni pizza. Did you know that one slice can easily add to your already bulging tummy? Just imagine how many calories and fat you will take in along with that pizza bite? Well, instead of piling up on oil and fat, eat something healthy and mouthwatering like tofu pizza!

Instead of using meat, you can slice the tofu into thin strips and add it to the pizza dough in place of your usual meat toppings. Another mouthwatering idea is to use soft or silken tofu as an alternative to mozzarella cheese. You can even stuff the tofu in the crust to create a delectable surprise at the end of each pizza slice.

Tofu Turkey

7. Tofu Turkey

Vegans need not pass on that turkey every Thanksgiving dinner now that there is tofu turkey! Tofu turkey is a simple but unbelievably delicious dish that uses extra firm tofu combined with other ingredients like mushrooms, garlic, thyme, sesame oil and other herbs and spices. Amazingly, this tofu dish tastes like real turkey! It is even stuffed with a choice of spices and herbs to create that traditional turkey taste.

Tofu Rigatoni Casserole

6. Tofu Rigatoni Casserole

Who says that a pasta meal cannot be both healthy and delicious? Now you can create an authentic Italian pasta dish minus all the fat-filled meat ingredients. Instead of using ground pork or beef, you can use tofu as a substitute in your rigatoni casserole.

In this dish, tofu is mixed with pasta ingredients such as tomatoes, mozzarella, Parmesan and of course rigatoni pasta. The unique and yummy taste of tofu can easy blend in with almost any type of tomato based pasta sauce. A pinch of nutmeg and oregano is added to give it that herb-like taste that characterizes Italian cuisine.

Tofu Meat Loaf

5. Tofu Meat Loaf

Planning on what to serve the kids for lunch? Well, you should try serving them delectable slices of tofu meatloaf. Tofu meat is a yummy treat that children will surely enjoy. Now, they don’t have to pick out those vegetable pieces from their plates. Instead, they will eat up the meat-like taste of tofu.

Tofu meatloaf is a great dish to use when encouraging your kids to eat healthier food. Usually, ground tofu is mixed with a little bit of beef or turkey. It is then flavoured with soy sauce, hoisin sauce, garlic, ginger and pepper.

Tofu Chips

4. Tofu Chips

Stop munching on that calorie and preservative-filled junk food. Instead, snack on the healthier choice – eat tofu chips. Tofu chips can replace junk food. Like potato chips, tofu chips are crisp and can be flavoured with dipping sauce.

This snack is made by deep frying thin slices of tofu in sunflower oil. The grease is then removed by letting the chips sit on a paper towel. After cooking, you can flavour it by dipping it in mayonnaise, ketchup or even mustard.

Fried Tofu Tops

3. Fried Tofu Tops

This is a classic Chinese dish. Tofu is cooked either by boiling or frying and is then used to top a bowl full of steaming rice. A special sauce is drizzled on the dish to add extra flavour. Tofu tops can be served as a meal for lunch. It is also ideal for backpackers or people who go on camping trips; it is not only tasty but also easy to prepare.

Tofu Fritters

2. Tofu Fritters

Tofu fritters are a healthy snack made from deep-fried tofu. In this dish, the tofu is sliced into small pieces, which are then deep-fried until golden brown. It can be eaten by itself or with a flavorful dip. Tofu fritters are enjoyed as healthy snacks. They can also be eaten as a substitute for greasy and salty chips.

Chocolate Tofu Pie

1. Chocolate Tofu Pie

Now this recipe is a treat for those with a sweet tooth. Chocolate tofu pie is made from silken tofu combined with other ingredients such as sugar, vanilla extract and chocolate chips. Crushed graham crackers are used to make a sweet crust. This dish is the perfect dessert. It is not only yummy but it is also filled with the nutritional goodness provided by tofu.

There you go, the top ten list of tofu-rrific dishes that can make eating not only a palatable experience but also a healthy one!

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