Ten Advantages and Health Benefits of Being Vegetarian

Ten Advantages and Health Benefits of Being Vegetarian

It is a common trend now for people to go vegetarian. Even Hollywood celebrities are hopping on the bandwagon and turning vegetarian. Animal rights are one common reason they have, and healthy living is another. Here are 10 other advantages of being vegetarian.

1. Avoids ingestion of E. Coli and Salmonella

E. Coli comes from contaminated red meat, while Salmonella comes from raw eggs and raw chicken. They cause gastrointestinal problems and even bloody diarrhoea. Needless to say, you will not need to worry about these bacteria if you do not eat any meat.

2. Less toxin consumption

Meat is full of chemicals. Starting from the steroids released in the bloodstream of an animal in fear, down to the preservatives added to store the meat. Once you eat that meat, you also ingest the chemicals and the toxins that come with it.

3. Maintenance of blood sugar and blood pressure

When fatty meats mix with carbohydrates, blood sugar levels peak and crash. The irregular cycle is not good for the body and eating vegan food prevents this from happening. Also, vegetables are lower in sodium so consuming vegetables also maintain good blood pressure.

4. Non-Violence

Killing animals in the name of the food is not only selfish but violent, too. The process by which animals are killed for meat is brutal. Eating vegetarian means you do not eat animals and are supporting non-violence. You can get Vegetarian Meal Boxes that don’t harm anything and for a good price, they will be delivered right to your doorstep!

5. A source of energy and weight loss

Animal protein contains more saturated fats and therefore takes more energy to digest. With a vegetarian diet, you are consuming foods that have less saturated fat so your body uses less energy to digest food and ingests fewer calories, too.

Ten Advantages and Health Benefits of Being Vegetarian

6. A balance in nature

The number of animals being killed for meat is so large that in no time there will be an imbalance in nature. We will have less of a certain species because it is consistently being used as food. In a vegetarian diet, we are consuming by-products of plants that continually grow, so we are not disrupting the natural food chain.

7. Lower risk of cancer

Vegetables are loaded with antioxidants that lower the risk of cancer. A high-fibre diet (which you get with a vegetarian diet) reduces the risks of many cancers like lung cancer and colon cancer.

8. Economic option

Anyone who goes to the grocery knows that meat is much more expensive than vegetables. Even in restaurants, vegetarian options are cheaper than non-vegetarian ones, so you end up saving money.

9. Healthier skin

Most vegetables have high water content, and water is very good for the skin. The antioxidants in vegetables are also great for the skin. The chemicals and toxins in meat, however, are not.

10. A healthy heart

A vegetarian diet is generally lower in fats and prevents blocked arteries, which is the cause of heart attacks and unhealthy heart health. A meat-free diet lowers the risk of heart disease resulting in better cardiovascular health.

Thinking of turning vegetarian now? It is never too late and it is clear that the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

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