Ten Health Benefits Of Cutting Down On your Caffeine Intake

Ten Health Benefits Of Cutting Down On your Caffeine Intake

So you see these videos online of people who quit drinking coffee and are now living ‘caffeine free’ and they feel like they are in heaven. Well, let’s start by saying that quitting your coffee won’t take you to any heaven. Caffeine is a mild stimulant that gives you that boost you need to get vital tasks done throughout the day. Besides, caffeine is found in almost all vital foods we eat every day including soda, energy drinks, tea, chocolate, cocoa beans and many others; so the only way to be caffeine-free might be to stop living altogether.

You can still try though, but the best thing to do is to cut down on your caffeine intake to only health levels because too much of that substance in your system causes more trouble than you good. The FDA recommends four cups of coffee a day for an adult, but considering the number of other caffeine sources you encounter every day, you may want to cut that down further.

There are also alternatives available for coffee lovers to continue their morning sips with healthy options. You can even give it a shot and try other options like chai, lemon water, golden milk, and red tea. You can even replace the coffee bean in your coffee with chicory root or mushrooms products like Lions mane coffee. It is a known fact that these natural products are loaded with lots of vitamins and antioxidants.

Here are some of the benefits you will get once you start drinking one or two fewer caffeinated drinks every day.

You Get To Sleep Better

The half-life of caffeine is five hours but the effects may last longer than that; and, as long as your body is still struggling to break down caffeine, your sleep will be interrupted. That is why doctors recommend a 6-hour coffee curfew before you go to sleep so that you can get better quality sleep. You can achieve that by taking less caffeine throughout the day as well because now your body won’t have much caffeine to deal with when you finally go to sleep.

You can also cut off caffeinated foods and drinks altogether whenever you are not working or when your sleeping hours approach so that your body can revert to its natural contents of melatonin hormone, which helps you go to sleep normally. Additionally, you can employ other tools and resources to enhance your sleep routine. For example, you can buy the best mattress in Australia 2022 or elsewhere; drink chamomile tea before going to bed; practice meditation; take supplements; etc. to resolve insomnia and improve your sleeping pattern.

Reduced Anxiety

People that suffer from panic attacks are always advised to stay away from caffeinated drinks and that is because caffeine releases a hormone called cortisol which makes you feel energized for some time. However, as time goes by, that alertness increases your stress levels as you become more and more alert. Anxiety and stress are not good for your immunity and general health in the long run. While being alert is important for you to meet your responsibilities, it is not worth losing your head over, so whenever you can, just forego that energy drink, coffee or soda and let your body tell you how you actually feel.

Sustained Energy Levels All Day Long

Many people find it difficult to operate normally when they don’t get their caffeine in the morning but it is not supposed to be like that. Caffeine should only be used to jump-start your system if there is something vital that has to be done and your system isn’t up for it. That boost you get from the caffeine only lasts a short while after which your body feels more tired than it actually is and you have to get another coffee to keep going. That huge boost it gives you isn’t enough to sustain you which is it would be smarter to depend on your natural energy which is released in line with your body clock.

It Reduces Your Risks Of Getting Heart Disease

Yes, caffeine is a vasoconstrictor which means it makes your heart pump harder and increases your blood pressure. While a single day of drinking caffeinated drinks won’t give you stroke or heart disease, sustained use of high levels of caffeine every single day will. To reduce the chances of these and other risks associated with high blood pressure, you should stick to moderate levels of caffeine every day and keep away from it whenever you don’t really need it.

Prevents dependence

Caffeine is a drug and just like any other drug, it can cause dependence. Many people suffer from caffeine dependence, but since it is so widely consumed, some don’t even notice it. That headache you feel when you haven’t had your morning coffee or worse still, your lack of mental balance without caffeine in the morning may be a red flag. However, you would have to take at least 5 to 10 grams of caffeine to reach what is considered lethal levels but you need far less to become dependent. To prevent dependence, just take as little caffeine as you can afford or none at all for some time. If you detect caffeine withdrawal symptoms, then you should know to take your caffeine break.

Ten Health Benefits Of Cutting Down On your Caffeine Intake

Improved Hormonal Balance

Caffeine is a drug and all it does is play around with your hormones and some of those effects are longer-lasting than you might imagine. A study between 2005 and 2005 on 259 women discovered that consuming 200mg of coffee every day causes increased estrogen levels in Asian and black women but it has opposite effects in Caucasian women. There hasn’t been vast research on its impact on men but it is known that caffeine naturally dampens your brain’s adenosine receptors which affect detection and hence further production of some hormones especially melatonin. Reducing your daily caffeine intake will allow your receptors to work normally and that is what you need to achieve hormonal balance.

Reduce The Rate Of Ageing Of Your Skin

You see that healthy vibrant looking skin everyone wants; Well, it all comes by as a result of a substance called collagen which your body produces naturally. It is also important in keeping your muscles and tendons strengthened. However, caffeine in your system inhibits the production of collagen which causes your skin to wrinkle faster than it should. To prevent early aging and premature wrinkling on your skin, you need to cut down on the amount of caffeine you consume. A lot of people even try things like a pdo thread lift to combat the aging process that things like caffeine cause and improve the collagen level in their skin.

It Improves Your Hydration Levels

Consuming too much caffeine makes you feel tired and dehydrated with a dry mouth and lips. Lots of caffeine in your system also cause you to have more trips to the toilet because caffeine is a diuretic meaning it causes you to feel the urge to urinate more frequently just like alcohol. That frequent urination means you are losing some of the water that your body should be absorbing and that leaves you dehydrated which is bad for your health.

Improve Digestion And Absorption Of Soluble Micronutrients

Caffeine doesn’t keep you alert, it increases your heart rate and with it, almost every other muscle in your body which includes the speed of your digestion system. Food goes through your system faster as your demand for blood sugar has increased but that sped up process also leads to lots of undigested food which causes you to have loose stools. Being a diuretic, caffeine also increases the amount of water your body dumps through urine, some even prematurely which dumps important vitamins and minerals that are soluble in the water.

Reduces Heartburn And Acidity

The acidity of caffeine has negative effects on many parts of your body beginning with your teeth. Acid reflux causes indigestion and discomfort and consuming high volumes of caffeine has a huge role to play in that. Caffeine also triggers heartburn which is another cause of discomfort. To have a relaxed system all day long, you should cut down on the amount of caffeine you consume.

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