Ten Health Benefits Of Drinking Wine Every Day

Ten Health Benefits Of Drinking Wine Every Day

Wine has been around for thousands of years and still remains one of the most popular drinks for humanity today. Naturally, people drink wine to help with their mood because of its alcohol content but there is so much more to wine than a hearty laugh after a good meal. Our ancestors understood the health benefits of wine from helping with inflammation and improving immunity to packing your body with antioxidants that are vital for general health. Now; too much wine isn’t good for anyone but a glass a day will keep you healthier in these 10 ways and more.

Reduces Risk Of Getting Cancer

Most diseases in the body including cancers are caused by inflammation and cell damage and the biggest cause of these diseases is free radicals that roam around your body. Antioxidants are therefore a vital component for keeping your cells in good shape and preventing cancer. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants ensures that the free radicals in the body are eliminated and that reduces the chances of getting cancer. Grapes, especially varieties used to make red wine have lots of antioxidants and the benefits are transferred into the wine. Drinking a glass of red wine, a day is a sure way of building up on your antioxidants. Moreover, a few food like moringa can provide high level of antioxidants along with additional nutrients like vitamins, beta carotene, Chlorogenic acid, etc. These nutrients can boost your immune system, controls blood pressure, and can also prevent various chronic diseases. Learning about moringa’s antioxidants might be beneficial for people struggling with diabetes and blood pressure issues.

Helps Prevent Chronic Inflammation

The benefits of wine in keeping you healthy extend beyond keeping cells in good shape. People who suffer from chronic inflammation have a high risk of contracting autoimmune disorders and other illnesses. Reducing chronic inflammation can be done by increasing your intake of polyphenols and reducing stress which wine can really help with. Wine contains a phenol called resveratrol which is known to prevent chronic inflammation.

It Improves Your Gut Health

Well, a little wine is actually good for your stomach as long as you take it in moderation. Gut health is very important because all the food and nutrients that your body needs are drawn through your gut and wine can help keep it healthy. Wine is made through fermentation which delivers lots of beneficial food for probiotics. Wine also has antibacterial properties that help deal with pylori and other bad bacteria that may exist in your gut. Wine doesn’t have bad cholesterol and helps your body break down other stubborn fats which help keep your system in good condition.

Ten Health Benefits Of Drinking Wine Every Day

It Reduces Risk of Getting Heart Disease

Drinking too much alcohol is one of the main causes of heart disease but moderate consumption of red wine is actually good for you. A 2005 study by the American Heart Association determined that moderate consumption of red wine reduces the risk of heart attacks and heart disease by up to 20% which is quite significant. It all comes down to the high levels of rare antioxidants found in grapes which are transferred to the wine and hence the benefits. Wine also helps your body burn cholesterol reducing the chances of the compound clogging your heart vessels.

Wine Is Good For Your Memory

It may come as a surprise but Red Wine is actually recommended for people that have suffered from a stroke and those suffering from Alzheimer’s. The special antioxidants in red wine protect the cells in your central nervous system against injury. It helps the brain of people that have suffered from a stroke from suffering any further injury to their brain cells. Resveratrol also inhibits growth of plaque in people with Alzheimer’s. In general, the components of wine have lots of beneficial impacts on your brain that helps keep your memory sharp as long as you drink moderately.

Helps Prevent Depression

Depression is a killer as it is associated with lots of other diseases in the body and sometimes leads to suicide. Alcoholism only helps to worsen the condition, but taking two to seven glasses of wine per week will make a huge difference. Wine helps improve your mood and health in general. Antioxidants in the body also help you maintain hormonal balance which includes inhibiting the growth of the stress hormone. While therapy is the best-known way to deal with depression, diet can also help to some extent and wine will make a great first step.

It Helps Improve Bone Health

As people grow old, they lose bone density because their cells are not replacing dissolving bone as quickly as needed. The condition of bones losing density and becoming brittle is called osteoporosis and it is common among women after menopause. Antioxidants help reduce the speed at which bones lose their density and red wine has been known to breach the gap between too rapid bone density loss and replenishing which helps prevent osteoporosis.

Boosts Your Immunity

Flavonoids are a special type of antioxidants that you won’t hear about every day but which are vital in your body for fighting viruses. Wine has these antioxidants in plenty making it a strong weapon against most common types of viral infection. The other antioxidants in wine also boost your immunity against other diseases as we discussed above by keeping bones healthy.

Ten Health Benefits Of Drinking Wine Every Day

It Has Anti-aging benefits

Greeks and Romans believed that wine helped people live longer and modern science agrees. The alcohol part of wine has something to do with it but it is not the main part. Moderate consumption of wine, in general, has antiaging effects on the body but wine has more to offer. Resveratrol which is found in the skin of red grapes is an antioxidant that increases the activity of an anti-ageing protein in your body. The antioxidants also help cells in your body heal and rejuvenate which gives them a glow.

It Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

Alcohol, in general, is associated with increased blood pressure over time which is why you are advised to drink in moderation. Moderate consumption of wine helps you relax and reduce your blood pressure in the short term. Red wine also contains compounds called procyanidins which were discovered in a 2006 study to keep blood vessels healthy which helps regulate blood pressure. The resveratrol in wine is also believed to help the body regulate blood pressure which is why moderate consumption of red wine is considered healthy even for people with hypertension.