Ten Essential Food Types For Boosting Your Immunity

Ten Essential Food Types For Boosting Your Immunity

Immunity boosting is nutrition 101 for everyone but unfortunately, people tend to forget the basics. Many of the diseases that affect people can be avoided if they just ate right and most of the foods that you need to boost your immunity are not alien. All you have to do is tweak your daily diet just a little bit to include all the food types that the body needs to boost immunity. A balanced diet needs lots of vitamins, minerals, protein and micronutrients but most importantly, the right quantities of each. This article has a list of foods that you need to add to your diet every day to improve your body’s defences.

Leafy Greens

Every nutritionist will tell you that your diet should never lack vegetables and they are right. Dark green vegetables are the richest source of Vitamin A, C and K on the planet and all these vitamins are essential antioxidants that your body needs. Cells need these vitamins to repair and maintain their shape and also perform basic functions. Leafy greens also contain folate, iron, phosphorus and other metals that the body needs to move oxygen and produce energy that you need for your day to days. It is therefore smart to say that a vegetable a day will keep the doctor away.

Berries And Grapes

Antioxidants are basically the other name for immune boosters and these two fruit types have them in plenty. The main antioxidants that make the difference in berries and grapes are called polyphenols which are really important at repairing cells and preventing inflammation. The polyphenols give blue and blackberries their colours but also serve to protect your cell membrane, especially your nerve cells which is good for your brain and other vital body systems.

Vitamin C Rich Foods

Eating a single orange, tomato, kiwi other citrus fruit every day can go a long way in boosting your immunity. Vitamin C is the most important Vitamin for your body because it helps your body make more white blood cells which are the warriors that your body uses against infection. A single orange contains more than the Vitamin C you need for the day so it isn’t so hard to get this one right.



Ginger has been around for a long time and its health benefits are still being explored but the surest one is high antioxidant content which is vital for your immune system. Ginger also has immense health benefits for the digestive system which is key to the immune system. Ginger also has anti-inflammatory compounds that come from gingerol and help prevent chronic inflammation in cells which provides protection against many types of diseases.

Milk and Milk Products

Milk from animals is very healthy but, in this case, even almond soy milk will do because they all contain vital antioxidant and calcium contents that your body could really use. Nutritionists agree that most people, especially teenagers and young adults don’t take the minimum required amounts of milk and milk products which affects their health negatively. Milk is the best source of calcium for bones and teeth. The most important content of milk is lactose or lactic acid when fermented which feeds probiotics in your gut to improve your digestive health. Milk provides a balance in your entire system from the mouth to your stools.

Vitamin B12 Rich Foods

Just like Vitamin C helps your body make white blood cells, Vitamin B12 helps it create more red blood cells. Red blood cells transport oxygen throughout the body, so maintaining their numbers is vital to keeping you healthy. B12 also helps your cells release energy and it is also vital in maintaining a healthy nervous system. B12 is readily available in most animal products including meat, milk, fish, eggs as well as some fortified cereals. If you are a vegan, you will have to get fortified Vitamin B12 shots or pills to get your dose of this vital vitamin.



It is recommended that you alternate at least 12 different types of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet to achieve your daily dose of Vitamins, micronutrients and fibre. You need to eat more apples, watermelons, pears, kiwi fruits, blueberries, grapefruits, lemons and most importantly oranges. Fruits are packed with antioxidants that you almost definitely won’t find anywhere else and they are vital to the health of every cell in your body. From micronutrients for repairing cell membranes, Vitamin A, C and K for boosting production of red and white blood cells to microfiber that aids in the absorption of food fruits have everything you need to stay healthy.

Oily Fish

Oily fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel are important sources of Omega 3 fatty acids which are vital for the performance of your white blood cells. Omega 3 combines onto your cell membranes and helps regulate their response and movement towards vulnerable cells in your body which helps prevent inflammation. Most fish and seafood also contain high quantities of selenium which is an essential antioxidant for your immunity.



Seed diets are one of the least exploited food types in the world despite packing up way more nutrients than cereals. Pumpkin seeds for example have both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which are vital in the functioning of white blood cells. Sunflower seeds also have the benefits of improving your cardiovascular health and boosting the energy levels in cells which help in combatting inflammation and infections. After vegetables and fruits, your priority diet should be chia seeds, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and other seeds you can lay your hands on because the benefits are immense.

Bell Pepper And Turmeric

Turmeric is a widely available spice but under that yellow coat is a strong immune booster that your body could really use. The spice contains a powerful anti-inflammatory compound called curcumin which helps keep body cells healthy. Peppers are also another spice with lots of Vitamin A which is another powerful immunity booster.

Do you know of any other foods that help boost your immunity? Why not let us know in the comments below.

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