Ten of The Best Foods to Eat Before Workout

Ten of The Best Foods to Eat Before Workout

Exercise is very important. Going on that morning run or hitting the gym can keep you happy and healthy. However, a workout routine does not always mean that you go to the gym. Taking advantage of Hirefitness now service Scotland or others in your vicinity could be useful for you to hire gym equipment and work out in the comfort of your home. That said, food is also an important aspect of healthy living. You need to eat well before and after your workout for you to see the benefits of your hard work. Many people think that they only need a big meal after working out to replenish their energy but actually, you need good fuel before starting your workout. It doesn’t take much to fuel up for exercise because most of the foods that will give you sustainable fuel are as simple as listed here. Getting the right meal before a workout allows you to exercise better and for longer which at the end of the day works in your body’s favour.


Oatmeal is one of the most readily available breakfast food in the world and it does have a sustainable supply of carbohydrates that will deliver enough fuel when you exercise. You should go for the whole grain oats when making that meal because it digests more slowly making your supply last for longer. You can add diced fruits and low-fat milk in there to improve taste and quality. Just don’t go for the flavoured ready-to-eat store oatmeal because that will undermine the purpose of your workout.

Greek Yoghurt/Low Fat Milk

Most people don’t look at yoghurt as a good source of energy but it actually does have lots of energy. Yoghurt contains readily available sugar from the partially digested lactose during fermentation. It is also easy on your stomach which makes it a non-taxing energy source that is good for your workout. You can add fruits or whole-grain bread on the side if you want to feel more full and have a longer-lasting energy source.



Bananas happen to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet packing lots of minerals including potassium and iron. Eating bananas right before or even during a workout replenishes your resources without taxing your energy. The minerals help keep your muscles in good shape and prevent muscle cramps while the starch gives you that extra fuel you need to keep going.

Raisins And Berries

Dried fruits are one of the greatest sources of sustainable energy before a workout and raisins are exactly that. They are just dried berries that pack lots of healthy fructose and fibre that your body digests slowly to keep you going. You can also eat berries alongside water or a healthy beverage to keep you hydrated.

Trail Mix

Good old nuts, oats, granola bars and dried fruits are all sources of sustainable sugar for a workout. You should opt for your own homemade trail mix though because the flavoured store ones have chemical preservatives and sugar flavours that may trigger a rise in insulin which depletes your energy faster. You can add a little milk, honey or yoghurt to the mix and enjoy a serving of trail mix for the best experience when working out.

Whole Grain Bread

You don’t always have to go for the fancy foods before a workout. Sometimes, all you need is right there in the bread that you can give a good spread with peanut butter and have your resources replenished.

Fruit Smoothie

Fruit Smoothie

You should put your blender to better use if you plan on enjoying your work out and it all starts by turning those fruits into something useful. Blending allows you to add as many fruits and veggies as you like and gulp it down at least 30 minutes before your workout. You can also use it as your workout refreshment because it doesn’t fill you with too much sugar and also hydrates you enough to keep going.

Granola Bars

Store granola bars are great but they have lots of refined sugar so you should make yours at home if you can. You just need whole rolled oats, peanut or cashew nut butter, salt, honey, vanilla and whole or crushed nuts. You can still take the store ones because the difference is small but the benefits are huge. It is like a carbs and protein replenishment that will give you enough fuel to keep going.

A Low-Fat Latte

If you can have whole peanuts or cashew nuts, you can chew on them alongside a yoghurt before your workout. If you are a coffee person, a latte will help you better than plain coffee. The milk and sugar give you the fuel while the caffeine keeps you active for long during the workout. It is still unwise to rely on caffeine or energy drinks for your workout fuel though.



Berries aren’t the only fruits that help your work out energy. Good old apples are hydrating and energizing. You can chew on apples before a workout to get that fibre and sugar that digests slowly to keep your energy up. You should pair it with something from the list though because they may not be enough.

Do you know of any other foods that are good to eat before a workout? If you do why now tell us about them in the comments below.

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