Ten Lesser-Known Health Benefits Of Eating Organ Meats

Ten Lesser-Known Health Benefits Of Eating Organ Meats

Our ancestors prioritized organ meats over muscle meats for centuries, and the secret behind their practice has never been as deeply appreciated as it is now. It is wise to say that all meat, whether muscle or organ is good as long as it is from a healthy animal. However, our modern society has prioritized wings, steak, drumsticks and other muscle meats over organ meats so many people don’t get the chance to eat animal organs anymore. Research on the nutritional value of liver, kidneys and heart meat over muscle meats suggests otherwise though. So what is it about organ meats that makes them so good for you?

They Are Rich in All B Vitamins

B12 is a vital vitamin that helps every section of your body healthy including nerve and brain cells and a single serving of liver has all the B12 you need to get you through the day. B1 or Thiamin is also another essential vitamin that your body needs to convert glucose into energy which helps body functions to keep going. The heart, kidneys and the brain also contain both types of B vitamins but not as abundantly as the liver. Organ meats also contain way more B Vitamins than all the muscle meat of any animal you eat.

Sustainable energy

Pound for pound, kidneys, the heart and most importantly the liver contain more calories than muscle meats. The heart and kidneys also have more calories than steak so you can expect to get a lot more energy to take you through the day. Organ meats also have lots of thiamin which helps the cells in your body break down glucose efficiently which means you will have the potential to absorb energy from other foods better too.

They are Easier on Your Gut

The liver has ready forms of minerals and vitamins that your body absorbs easily and faster than other types of meat. Vitamin A in the liver and heart is a readily available version so your system doesn’t struggle to absorb and turn it into the ready version of it. Pound for pound, organ meats have less fibre and tough points than muscle meats which helps your system dissolve and absorb nutrients faster. It is therefore easy on your digestive system.

They have more Immunity Boosters

The liver is often called a liver food because it is the one most endowed food on the planet with almost all the vital vitamins. The most potent vitamin in all organ meats is Vitamin A which is a vital antioxidant that helps body cells fight infections. The Iron in organ meats is also ready for absorption and it is vital in moving oxygen throughout the body. The most important immunity booster in organ meats is B12 which helps prevent inflammation in cells and preventing infection.

Ten Lesser-Known Health Benefits Of Eating Organ Meats

They are Good For Cardiovascular Health

Now; organ meats have way more cholesterol than muscle meat so people that have high cholesterol should keep off. However, the cholesterol isn’t an issue for a healthy person. The most important thing for your cardiovascular health is the folic acid, iron, zinc and copper which are essential in moving blood around the body and keeping blood vessels healthy. The liver also contains selenium and other antioxidants that help prevent inflammation of muscle cells including cardiac muscles.

They Are Rich in Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one super-nutrient that you just can’t live without and nothing has more of it than beef liver. The heart, brain, kidneys and even the tongue contain substantial amounts of Vitamin A. This vitamin helps in cell division, cell growth and repair. Vitamin A is also vital in keeping a healthy vision and nervous system including brain cells.

They Contain Omega 3

Omega 3 is one fatty acid that most people rarely get enough of because they don’t eat enough oily fish and most importantly, organ meats. Omega 3 is a major component of your brain cells that helps keep them healthy and prevent cognitive degradation. Improved blood flow supported by folate and iron in organ meats also helps keep your entire CAN healthy and that includes your brain as well.

They Improve Your Bone Health

Bone density becomes a major issue especially with age which is why you need to eat more Vitamin K which helps process calcium and increase the density of your bones. Vitamin K is also important in preventing infections in the cells of skeletal tissue. Now, all organ meats including the heart, tongue, kidneys and liver have more Vitamin K than muscle meats.

Ten Lesser-Known Health Benefits Of Eating Organ Meats

They are Good for The Skin

Glowing skin is mostly a credit to a good diet rich in Vitamin A and K both of which organ meats have in plenty. Vitamin A helps prevent infections on skin cells which prevents acne and other infections. Vitamin K is also vital in keeping skin cells in good shape which contributes to s rejuvenated vibrant skin.

They Help with Muscle Growth

As discussed earlier, all organ meats have more protein pound for pound than muscle meats. Proteins are the main building blocks of muscle mass which means you will have more reserves of protein if you eat more organ meats. Vitamin K which is also a building block of skeletal tissue is found in organ meats.

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