Ten Amazing and Interesting Health Benefits of Peppers

Ten Amazing and Interesting Health Benefits of Peppers

Traditionally, hot peppers were used to preserve food because capsaicin, the chemical compound found in all peppers prevents bacteria from growing on food. People soon grew used to the taste of spicy food and the heat has now become a popular taste on most tongues around the world. The health benefits of peppers ranging from soft ones such as bell peppers to the hottest ones like ghost pepper have continued to increase with research. The more medical evidence is published on peppers, the more reasons we get as to why we should eat more of them. These 10 are just some of the benefits of adding peppers to your diet.

They Help You Digestive Tract

Good digestive health is a gateway to good overall health which is why the little help you get from peppers goes a big way. Capsaicin has been proven to stimulate the release of powerful digestive enzymes in your intestines and the pancreas to improve your body’s ability to digest carbs and fats. The heat in peppers also helps stimulate the breakdown of food in the stomach by improving your metabolism.

Peppers Act As Anti-Diarrhea Medication

Diarrhoea can be a symptom of many kinds of diseases and disorders but sometimes, it can be the result of irritation or your digestive tract. Pepper has the effect of preventing the multiplication of bad microbes on intestinal walls which cause diarrhoea. Pepper, especially black pepper has also been discovered to prevent spasms of the stomach muscles that causes food to go through your tract faster than usual resulting in diarrhoea.

It Is Good for Your Heart

Capsaicin is an interesting chemical that helps reduce the build-up of plaque in blood vessels which reduces your risk of getting heart disease. All peppers also improve the digestion of sugar and fat in your body which in turn reduces cholesterol that may cause shrinking of heart vessels. The anti-inflammatory benefits of peppers also extend to your cardiovascular health by improving your immunity.

Ten Amazing and Interesting Health Benefits of Peppers

They May Help You Lose Weight

Peppers are not the magical pill that will take away 30 pounds from your weight in 30 days as some diets claim but it does help manage your body weight. The most important feature is improved metabolism which ensures that more sugar and fat in your body is burned down. Peppers also reduce your appetite for more food which leads to you eating fewer calories for the rest of the day. It is actually smart to eat food flavoured with pepper before your daily exercise routine as you will end up doing it for longer without getting tired.

They Help Prevent Anemia

If you usually pick out bell peppers from your food before eating, you may want to reconsider that. Anaemia is a condition that affects people whose red blood cells are unable to transport sufficient oxygen due to a shortage of iron. Peppers have Vitamin C which stimulates the absorption of iron in the stomach helping your body transport oxygen better.

They Are Good for Your Eyesight

If you wear Glasses, then you would probably know that good eyesight has a lot to do with muscle health. And that is when peppers come in handy. The health of your eyes needs you to eat a combination of carotenoids which are of course found in carrots and red peppers. The carotenoids help reduce the degeneration of your eye muscles which prevents cataracts and other age-related diseases that may cause your eyesight to fail. However, if you already have a cataract, better consult an eye surgeon melbourne to proceed with the medical treatment.

They Help Prevent Inflammation

Inflammation is the biggest cause of occurrence and recurrence of many chronic diseases. Vital vitamins and other antioxidants help prevent these from happening by directing the body to send white blood cells to the vulnerable parts of your body. Peppers have Vitamin C and lots of other antioxidants that the body needs to fight inflammation.

Helps Prevent Memory Degeneration

Amyloid proteins are the type of protein that clog nerve fibres increase the risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Peppers contain a wide range of antioxidants including polyphenols and flavonoids which have been found to reduce the chances of these proteins accumulating. It is, therefore, safe to say that peppers will help you keep your memories especially as you age.

Ten Amazing and Interesting Health Benefits of Peppers

They Help Fight Flus and Colds

Peppers have anti-inflammatory components through their content of polyphenols which helps prevent bacterial and viral infections as well as some allergic reactions. Researches have linked capsaicin with the prevention of congestion and a stuffy nose, sneezing and other adverse effects of colds and flu. They won’t exactly take away the virus but they will help your body fight it better.

They Are Good for Your Teeth

Vitamin C is a vitamin that is vital to the health of your gums. It helps gums stay strong and healthy and peppers contain lots of it. The antimicrobial effect of capsaicin also reduces the growth of plaque and harmful bacteria in the mouth which helps keep teeth healthy. Peppers, especially red peppers also help reduce bad breath.

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