Ten Amazing and Mostly Unknown Health Benefits Of Eating Oysters

Ten Amazing and Mostly Unknown Health Benefits Of Eating Oysters

Whether you prefer your oysters raw or steamed, the truth remains that those chewy salty sea creatures are one of the tastiest seafood of all time. They have been eaten by human beings for thousands of years and while their fame has diminished; their flavour hasn’t. They pack lots of health benefits that many people don’t know about, and they happen to be one of the most widely available protein sources in the world.

Many people associate oysters with an improved mood, fertility and reproductive health in general, which hasn’t exactly received much scientific backing. But oysters still have lots of other health benefits, which is why foodies happen to purchase the seafood from shops like Oysters XO. That said, some of the health benefits of eating oysters are mentioned below. Oyster lovers can certainly give it a read.

Boosting Your Immunity

Oysters have a large combination of minerals and nutrients that your body needs to boost immunity. The most important of them all is selenium which is an essential antioxidant for every cell in your body. Seafood such as shellfish and crabs have it in plenty and you only need to eat six oysters to get your daily need of selenium. Selenium helps prevent cell damage and maintains a stable environment in cells that reduce the risk of cancer, inflammation and other health risks. Oysters also contain an impressive amount of zinc which your body needs for its immune response.

Improved Brain Health

Vitamin B12 is the most important vitamin for a healthy brain and nervous system and oysters have it in plenty. B12 helps your body make new red blood cells which are important for transporting oxygen around the body including to the brain. B12 has also been seen to prevent brain shrinkage which is good for your brain health. Oysters also contain Omega 3 fats which help improve your mood and prevent depression. You may wish to consider oysters if you have suffered a severe brain injury and underwent surgery (probably by Dr Timothy Steel). Because they generally contain an abundance of Vitamin B12, they can help you recover faster.

They are Low in Calories

Consuming too many calories than your body needs in a day is the main cause of belly fat. If you are planning to cut down on your belly fat and still enjoy tasty food, then oysters are a good option. Six medium-sized oysters have only 60 calories. FYI, a can of coke has 139 calories, so oysters are by far the best snack for your desert over other sugary foods if you are working on reducing your body weight.

Ten Amazing and Mostly Unknown Health Benefits Of Eating Oysters

They are a low-fat and cholesterol food

When counting fats and cholesterol content, oysters join the least of the healthiest options you can get. Six oysters have just 1mg of fat and 22mg of cholesterol which is way lower than the minimum recommended for a day. Oysters have even less saturated fat at less than 0.4mg making them one of the healthiest seafood out there. It is, therefore, safe to eat oysters when your doctor recommends a low-cholesterol diet.

Improved Sustainable energy

Apart from packing enough protein and carbs to boost your energy levels after every meal, oysters have iron and zinc. Iron is essential in the transportation of oxygen to body cells which helps you boost your energy. Vitamin B12 also keeps cells healthy and helps them process energy and oysters have loads of it. The nutritional content of oysters allows the cells in your body to utilize the sugar you get from other foods better to keep you energized for long.

Improved Skin Health

The most essential compounds for better skin health are collagen and zinc. With growing age, people may opt for Dermal Fillers, and other skin treatments, which can be very beneficial. However, they can eat oysters and other skin essential food to keep their skin healthy, rejuvenate, and prevent early signs of aging. Oysters have both, collagen and zinc in plenty and that can work wonders on your skin. Oysters have been associated with rejuvenated glowing skin and stronger hair and nails, and it all comes down to their zinc content. Zinc is used in the repair and creation of healthy skin cells. Zinc also helps your cells maintain a strong cell wall which keeps you glowing. Collagen is also essential for your skin health and oysters carry a ready-made version of the protein so your body doesn’t have to make it. Along with these oysters, you could also try vitamins for healthy skin as they could support the skin structure.

Improved Bone Health

This is one of the main reasons why Romans ate oysters. Oysters have a natural process of creating nacre which scientists believe holds the secrets to preventing osteoporosis and the results have proved to be positive over the years. Oysters also have Vitamin D, phosphorus and Manganese which are essential in maintaining bone density, especially in older people.

Ten Amazing and Mostly Unknown Health Benefits Of Eating Oysters

They Have Essential Vitamins and Fats

The human body relies on micronutrients to perform basic functions and stay healthy. Some of those essential micronutrients found in oysters are Iron, copper, phosphorus, zinc, selenium and most importantly Vitamin B12. These nutrients serve your body better when extracted from dietary sources rather than supplements and oysters deliver essential doses of each which you need to get through each day. Manganese is an antioxidant that in bone development, wound healing and metabolism and oysters have plenty of it. Copper and phosphorus are also essential metals for enzymes and vital proteins in your body.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

The low saturated fat content and cholesterol in oysters mean that the seafood won’t contribute to the blockage of your blood vessels. Most importantly, oysters give you iron which helps your blood carry oxygen around the body. Oysters also contain vital antioxidants including Vitamin C which improves cardiovascular health and boosts your immunity.

Improved Visual Health

Zinc comes in handy again at this point. Zinc is essential in maintaining the cell structure of the cell membranes of your eyes hence their protein structure. The zinc helps your body move Vitamin A to the eyes to produce the melanin needed to produce melanin which protects the retina. It is therefore wise to say that oysters are just as important as carrots when it comes to maintaining healthy eyesight.

Have you ever tried oysters yourself? If you have why not let us know if you enjoyed them or not in the comments below.

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