Ten Amazing Health Benefits Of Cutting Down On Your Sugar Intake

Ten Amazing Health Benefits Of Cutting Down On Your Sugar Intake

Everyone is looking for ways of cutting down or cutting out their sugar intake because they know something about obesity and type 2 diabetes. Consumption of excessive sugar is now a health crisis all over the world as more people are taking more sugar than they should and more people are suffering as a result than ever before. When consumed at high levels, sugar causes a spike in your insulin levels, excessive calories that end up as excessive fat that cause obesity, diabetes, and a host of those other problems you hear of. The more sugar you consume, the more you crave and the less healthy you become. It is easy to cut down on sugar though; just keep off from those milky chocolates, soda, and the other sugary foods that you crave and the benefits will be almost immediate.

Real Food Becomes Tastier

Refined sugar has a way of muffling the taste of real food that you are actually supposed to enjoy instead of the sweetened ones. The traditional taste of raw carrots, celery, potatoes, and other healthy foods is rarely felt enough when you have a sweet tooth. Refined sugar also interferes with your appetite in a way that you no longer crave the taste of food. Cutting down your sugar intake allows your taste buds to factory reset themselves so that you can feel the value in real food. It is therefore fair to say that cutting down on your refined sugar intake helps you enjoy your food.

It Reduces Your Risk Of Developing Diabetes

Consumption of excessive quantities of refined sugar causes cancer both directly and indirectly in many different ways. The most common one is the accumulation of fat in your body which gives you the extra pounds that are likely to cause diabetes. Excessive sugar also causes your pancreas to work harder as it produces more insulin to deal with the fluctuating blood sugar levels caused by the sugar. Overworked cells in your pancreas are likely to malfunction and fail to keep up with your actual blood sugar level which results in diabetes. Also, if you are pre-diabetic, you might have to exercise other preventive measures, like physical activities, a healthy diet, etc. You might also consider checking out diabetic and compression socks from Dr. Motion, which can have healing properties that promote better blood circulation in feet and reduce swelling, blisters, and sores. Reducing your sugar intake in the form of sugary drinks, for example, may also allow you to try out healthier alternatives, such as green and ginger root teas, which are natural blood thinners and could have health benefits, though if you have a serious medical concern it is always advised that you seek the advice of your doctor.

You Will Have A Healthier Vibrant Skin

Research suggests that blood sugar spikes affect your body’s ability to make collagen, the protein that helps your skin look young and vibrant and also acts as an anti-ageing agent. The excess sugar in your bloodstream also causes an imbalance that causes more water to be sucked out of your cells including your skin cells leaving them flaccid which causes saggy skin. You can resolve this by eating lots of fruits and drinking enough water which reverses the impacts of refined sugar in your body.

Stay Energized For Longer

Yes! after eating a candy bar, you will feel fired up for a few minutes, but you will crash just as fast as your rush came so sugar rush is more of a fallacy. Refined sugars are just simple carbohydrates that are broken down quickly and absorbed into your bloodstream causing a sudden spike in your blood sugar level followed by a similarly sudden drop. They don’t provide the steady energy you need to take you through your day, so if you are relying on them to get things done, you will be disappointed. Eating healthy proteins, fats and naturally occurring carbohydrates gives you the sugar that is broken down slowly but steadily giving you enough fuel for a long day.

Ten Amazing Health Benefits Of Cutting Down On Your Sugar Intake

Better Dental Health

Everyone tells you that sweets are bad for your teeth but many don’t explain how. Now, your mouth has lots of bacteria but most of them are good except the dangerous ones that create acid after feeding on the sugar in the food that you eat. After feeding, they release acids that erode your enamel causing discolouring of teeth and cavities. You could save yourself the trouble and have shinier teeth by cutting off refined sugar from your diet. Even if you face any dental problems, you could receive help from an expert dentist who might help fix dentures clearwater.
However, this should be considered as the last resort.

It Will Help You Sleep Better

The trouble with refined sugar is that it causes fluctuation in your sugar levels any time it hits your bloodstream and leaves it and the result is a period of unpredictable highs and lows. It will be difficult to catch a nap on spiked blood sugar which is why you will find yourself waking up frequently in the middle of the night and failing to sleep enough. To compensate for the insufficient sleep, you will feel tired during the day which affects your ability to work. To prevent sugar rushes while sleeping, just kick the sugar out of your salad and dessert at dinner.

Improve Your Mood And Mental Health In General

Ever heard the phrase ‘a hungry man is an angry man?’ Well, the saying is just as true as saying a person with a sugar rush is a happy person until that sugar drops and their mental focus collapses into a state of constant stressfulness. Sugar programs your mind to operate on a reward-based system where you depend on it to feel happy and focused but that state is not sustainable which leads to mood swings. Cutting down on your sugar intake protects your brain against these unsustainable flashes of highs and lows allowing you to operate normally based while relying on sustainable sources of fuel.

It Reduces Your Risk Of Getting Heart Disease

Salt is blamed as the biggest cause of hypertension, but that is only if you overlook the role of sugar in causing high blood pressure. The extra pounds you gain from the refined sugar cause your heart to work harder which in itself is dangerous. A spike in blood sugar also increases your heart rate and the fluctuation means that your heart muscles and arteries are being overworked which also increases the risk of getting heart disease. Your heart will be saved a big load if you could swap those sweetened foods and drinks for healthier options that are less taxing on your body.

Ten Amazing Health Benefits Of Cutting Down On Your Sugar Intake

It Reduces The Risk Of Fatty Liver Disease

Belly fat doesn’t just affect your belly, it also affects your liver which is a vital organ for detoxifying your body by filtering the blood. When too much fat develops around the liver, it reduces its ability to function which can lead to a host of other life-threatening illnesses including a non-alcoholic fatty liver, heart attack and diabetes. Based on liver disease research undertaken using biospecimens such as flash frozen tissue samples and other cell isolation methods, it appears excessive sugar consumption can not only increase the risk of fatty liver, but also other conditions like non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.

All these can be avoided by cutting down on junk food and sweetened beverages that give you empty calories the body can’t burn which cause accumulation of fat.

Reduce Inflammation

A 2010 research proved that there is a direct correlation between consuming sugary foods and inflammation. Processed sugars release substances into your bloodstream that worsen inflammation in your muscles and joints, as does alcohol and smoking. Inflammation is a major cause of chronic pain, allergic reactions, headaches and migraines among other problems. The research also concluded that inflammation can increase your risk of death because of the other conditions that come with it. You may give your cells a break from inflammation by taking less refined sugars and consuming healthier whole foods.

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