Ten Benefits and Advantages to Owning an Electric Cooker

Ten Benefits and Advantages to Owning an Electric Cooker

We have already taken a look at ten of the most affordable electric cookers money can buy, but why choose an electric cooker in the first place? While there are many advantages to owning a gas cooker today we are taking a look at electric ones and the benefits they have. Yes, there really are quite a few benefits and some of them you really need to think about before you rush out and buy something else. Don’t get me wrong, this is not so much a ‘pro-electric cooker’ its more an understanding of why people would buy them…

Lack of Gas

Let’s start with what could well be the most important feature and that is the fact that it doesn’t use gas. Why is that an issue? Because with the ongoing war (you know the one) and gas supplies being cut off and redirected there could well come a time when there is no-gas to speak of! OK, so that is a worst-case scenario, but it is something worth thinking about for the future and a definite pro to owning an electric cooker.

Easier to Clean

When you have that glass plate with ceramic hobs it is so much easier to clean than those metal hobs on a gas hob. In fact, just a quick wipe over is pretty much all you need! Even spills can be dealt with easier and without too much effort involved.

Better Temperature Control

Many eclectic ovens are fitted with fan assistance which means you can control the temperate of your food much easier and quicker, but also keep food warm for long periods of time even when the main over is off!

Better Food

With better temperature control comes more evenly cooked food and that means more taste. People often find gas cookers tend to cook food unevenly when trying to cook it quicker, but that is not the case with an electric one.

Cheaper and Easier to Install

Of course, you should ALWAYS get your gas or electric cooker installed by a professional, but it is easier to install an electric cooker if you have the know-how. Installing a gas cooker wrong could be a major issue (maybe even loss of life!), but with electricity, a bad install could just mean blowing the fuses on the house.

Ten Benefits and Advantages to Owning an Electric Cooker


According to which.co.uk “some electric cookers have a multifunction oven. This means that you can cook using different heating functions simultaneously. For example, you can use the grill and fan at the same time, which can work well when a less-fierce heat is useful, such as when grilling a thicker piece of meat.”


While many will argue this pro I have personally found that electric grills are far better than gas ones. They cook the food much more evenly and give a lighter browning even when going over than a gas one.

Much More Efficient

Like it or not the open flames of a gas cooker mean a loss of efficiency. With electric hobs, you get all that heat directly into the pan. Sure, they are not considered cheaper in terms of yearly costs, but they could save you cooking time.

Less to Go Wrong

While this is often down to the quality of the cooker you are buying many people do find that their Igniters can become defective over a much shorter period than anything that goes wrong with an electric cooker. Because it doesn’t have so many intricate parts there is far less to go wrong.

Better Looking

OK, so this is more a matter of personal taste, but I find gas cookers can often have an outdated design, with modern electric cookers looking cleaner, more modern and much better suited to the smooth worksurfaces we have today.

Do you have an electric or a gas cooker? Do let us know why you chose that in the comments below. 

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