Ten Poisonous Foods That We Still Love To Eat

There are many things around us which we love to eat in our routine life. These foods are commonly available but we should be aware of the harmful effects of their poisons. These foods must be processed in a proper way so that their harmful effects can be minimized. While choosing any one of these 10 foods we must take care of the wrong parts which should not be part of our meal. Otherwise, they can be life-threatening for us…


10. Pufferfish

Pufferfish is available in Japan. It is the cause of many deaths in Japan. Many deaths occur after eating the liver of fugu. It contains a huge amount of toxin called Tetrodotoxin in it. This toxin is present in the liver, intestines, skin and gonads of the fish. Special training is required to cut the fish so that these poisonous parts can be excluded. Toxicity due to Puffer fish can cause paresthesia and tingling sensations. It can also cause paralysis, convulsions and death within four to six hours of eating this fish.


9. Mushrooms

As we all know toadstools are poisonous and mushrooms are toadstools. There are some species of mushrooms which are not poisonous but not all. Mushrooms and fungi are poisonous. Any mushroom whose origin is not known should be considered dangerous for our health. Poisoning caused by mushrooms has very serious effects; sweating, vomiting, hallucinations, abdominal cramps, convulsion, coma and death can also be the result of these serious effects. Death can also occur due to inhibition of the immune system.

Castor oil

8. Castor oil

Castor oil is commonly used in candies and other foods. It has many other uses as well. But we must know that a single bean can be poisonous. It contains a toxin called ricin. Only four beans are enough to kill a horse. People who are working in this field have to take special measures to protect themselves from the harmful effects.


7. Cherries

Cherries are commonly used fruit. It is used in cooking and can be taken as raw food. Leaves and seeds of cherries contain a toxic substance called hydrogen cyanide which is dangerous for health. Take care while eating cherries, not to eat their leaves or seeds.


6. Elderberry

Their trees are covered with a huge number of flowers with a delicate scent. These flowers are used to make soda or they can be deep-fried. Some parts of the trees are highly poisonous. They can cause severe stomach problems. The root of these plants are highly toxic. Only flowers can be used.


5. Rhubarb

It is a plant. It can be easily grown at home. It is commonly used to make puddings. Their roots have been used as a laxative for many years. Their stems are very tasty, but their leaves are so poisonous that they can even cause death. They also contain a corrosive acid which becomes more potent when mixed with water and soda.


4. Almond

Almond is a seed. It has good taste, it is commonly used to improve memory. It is also applied topically in the oral cavity. It can bring change to your health. There are many flavours of almonds but bitter almonds contain cyanide in them. They are the poisonous ones. Almonds are treated with heat to remove the poison. It is illegal to sell raw almonds, without processing them. S if you are in the production department and using almonds in cakes and other bakery things must check the quality of almonds for the health of others and the goodwill of your product too.


3. Apples

Apple is a delicious fruit. It is a saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apple seeds contain cyanide in them. These seeds should be removed before eating. Apple seeds are often chewed accidentally. It can cause health problems. A large number of seeds are required to kill a person.


2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are commonly used in cooking. Some people love to eat tomatoes. It gives taste to the foods we cook. But their seeds contain a poison called glycoalkaloid. It can cause dizziness, headache and indigestion. Atropine toxicity is also associated with tomatoes. People recommend not using tomatoes in cooking because it is difficult to remove all seeds from them.


1. Potatoes

Potatoes are the central food in the diet of western people. Leaves of potatoes contain glycoalkaloid in it. Potato itself is not poisonous. Potato leaves are poisonous. If we let the potato go green then it contains poison in it. Death can occur after a long period of time and it is due to confusion and coma. Avoid drinking tea made of potato leaves. Health is wealth so try to select a healthy diet for yourself.

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