Ten Amazing Things About Eggs You Might Not Know

Ten Unknown Benefits of Eggs You Need to Know

Most people enjoy eggs in some shape or form, from breakfast fried, to afternoon tea with sausages and chips, eggs are such a diverse food that they can be used in pretty much every recipe. But what are the health benefits of eggs? Today we find out as we discover ten unknown benefits of eggs that you might not have heard of before…

Better Than Breast Milk

As long as it is eaten in moderation, eggs are the most beneficial food after breast milk in terms of health. It is the only nutrient that contains almost all the nutrients necessary for the body.

It is a complete protein source

The “essential amino acids” found in eggs are a very important substance that cannot be synthesized by the body and must be given to the body. Especially in child development, protein source egg consumption is extremely important for a healthy and balanced growth. It contains a significant amount of vitamins A, D, E and B group.

The Yolk Is The Best Bit

Did you know the word “yolk” derives from an Old English word for “yellow”? Anyway, vitamin A in the yolk is necessary for eye health, bone and tooth development, and cell development. Egg yolk is one of the foods that can meet the body’s vitamin D needs on its own. Bone disorders that may occur due to vitamin D deficiency can be prevented thanks to eggs. Egg yolk is also rich in vitamin B2 which increase the body’s resistance by converting other nutrients taken into the body into energy.

Eggs Are Also Rich in Minerals

Eggs are a source of iron and zinc and those contribute to the prevention of anaemia and the development of the immune system.

Ten Unknown Benefits of Eggs You Need to Know

Picking The Best Eggs

Well, if you do not have your own coop and your address for egg supply is Sunday and markets, what should you pay attention to? In your grocery shopping, you should especially prefer the ones kept in cold aisles. Cracked-broken eggs should be avoided and those with clean and smooth shells should be chosen. It should be consumed fresh for health, if you are buying a large number, you should take enough for 3-4 weeks. You may not pay attention to the cleanliness of the shell in the box, but the dirty ones should be washed before using instead of washing and storing them immediately.

Eggs Make Good Odor Eliminators

There are approximately 17,000 holes in the eggshell that are too small to be seen with the naked eye. These holes mean that if place eggs next to heavily smelling foods in the refrigerator, the odour-absorbing egg will help you get rid of most the smell!

Heavy Eggs Are The Best

The weight of the egg, which has been waiting on the shelves for a long time, decreases due to the loss of water and carbon dioxide. You can use this method especially for choosing fresh eggs.

You Can Easily Tell if Your Eggs Are Still in Date

When you leave the egg in a water-filled container with 10% salt, the egg that does not sink to the bottom and remains on the surface is stale.

Ten Unknown Benefits of Eggs You Need to Know

Duck Eggs Taste Better, But Are Not As Healthy

Duck eggs are higher in fat and better for baking. In terms of nutrition, the eggs of ducks are better than chicken eggs, but they do contain much more fat. But most people use duck eggs because they have a richer flavour and fattier texture.

The Colourful They Are The More They Should Cost

It is often down to breed that determines the eggshell colour, you often find commercial eggs are mostly white. This means that brown eggs are more expensive (most of the time) because the hens that lay them are larger and require more feed.

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