Ten Amazing Facts About Baked Beans You Won’t Believe Are Real

Ten Amazing Facts About Baked Beans You Won’t Believe Are Real
Ten Amazing Facts About Baked Beans You Won’t Believe Are Real

Do you enjoy starting the day with beans on toast, or often find yourself having baked beans for dinner? If you do you should love these ten facts about them. You might have thought there wasn’t much interesting to know about a simple tin of baked beans, but once you have read these you might look at baked beans in a whole new light…

FACT 1: Baked Beans Where Once Blamed For Global Warming!

While it was said more as a joke than anything real it was once discussed in the houses of parliament by Baroness Verma whether or not smelly emissions from baked beans contribute to global warming! Which of course it does not.

FACT 2: All Tins of Baked Beans Have The Same Number of Beans Inside Them!

While this was once done on the rough weight of the beans inside the tin these days there are much more accurate machines that put the exact weight inside each tin of baked beans and if that tin of beans is Heinz then it is 465 beans in a standard 415gm can with only the odd variation in numbers.

FACT 3: One Cup of Baked Beans Has The Same Protein as 12 eggs!

If you like to keep an eye on your protein levels you should be eating a cup of beans in the morning rather than eggs. In fact, it is also the same amount of protein in a cup of beans than in a 50-gram steak!

FACT 4: Baked Beans Are Almost 200 Years old!

The earliest known reference to a recipe that closely resembles baked beans was in a 1832 book called American Frugal Housewife. That makes baked beans 200 in just a few years time!

FACT 5: 80% of UK Families Eat Baked Beans Once a Week

While this number was worked out by the number of baked beans sold ( of course some families are bigger than others and might use 2 tins in one day, or some families might have baked means more than once a week) it is still a pretty interesting fact.

FACT 6: 91% of All Baked Beans Sold Are Consumed on Toast!

While some people might eat the beans next to toast it still kind of counts and just goes to show there aren’t much better things to do with a tin of beans other than throwing them onto a slice of toast or 2. But this stat does leave just 9% of all baked beans sold to be eaten for afternoon tea.

FACT 7: On Release Baked Beans Were a Luxury Item

While these days you can pick up a tin of baked beans for pennies in 1901 when they were first sold by Fortnum and Mason in the UK they cost 9d which is the equivalent to £2.15($3) by today’s prices.

FACT 8: Most Baked Beans Are in Fact Navy Beans!

Have you ever wondered what type of bean is a baked one? Well, most of them are the small white beans that are called Navy beans, but some companies to use other types to keep their prices lower.

FACT 9: Baked Beans Were Once Not Baked!

Baked beans are just beans that have been baked right? Well yes. But when they were originally sold the tin they were sold in was filled with blanched beans and then baked inside the can itself. But in the original way of making them, they were not sold baked.

FACT 10: Only Heinz Beanz Has a Turquoise Can

This is just the brand style yes? Well yes and no. It is the colour the brand uses obviously, but they also have a worldwide Trade Mark registration for selling baked beans in a tin with that colour on! So you will never see another brand with the same colour can.

Do you know of any other facts about Baked Beans? If you do why not chare them in the comments below and let your knowledge of them be known to the world.

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