Ten Amazing Facts About Doritos You Won’t Believe Are Real

Ten Amazing Facts About Doritos You Won’t Believe Are Real
Ten Amazing Facts About Doritos You Won’t Believe Are Real

If you love your tortilla chips chances are good you have snacked on a bag of Doritos at some point in your life. What you might not know is these tasty flavoured chips have some pretty amazing facts linked to them and I have picked ten of what I consider to be the most interesting facts about Doritos you will ever learn…



FACT 1: When Doritos Launched They Were Flavourless!

In fact, they were considered to be “Taco” flavoured which means there was no added flavour added to the pack. If you are wondering what this might taste like all you have to do is lick all the flavour off any Dorito chip and then eat it!

FACT 2: Doritos Were Invented at Disneyland!

While it isn’t a Disney patent it was invented in a Frito-Lay owned a restaurant located within Disneyland, California. Called “Casa de Fritos” it was done by an employee who was looking for something to do with loads of extra tortillas his team had cooked up.

FACT 3: It Was Invented In 1964!

While it wasn’t sold to the public till 1966 it was invented 2 years earlier by someone working at Casa de Fritos at Disneyland (see above fact).

FACT 4: Doritos Means “Little Golden Thing!”

In Spanish, the suffix “-ito” means little. So the word “Dorito” means something like “little golden thing.” which perfectly sums up what they are! What will really blow your mind is that some of the flavours make the chips appear other colours than golden meaning the name “Doritos” is no longer accurate to what they are!

FACT 5: Doritos Are Larger Than They Once Were!

With everything else in the world seemingly suffering from Shrinkflation it is nice to know our favourite snack was made 20% larger, but 15% thinner than it once was. They did this in 1995 so some people might remember them being much smaller.

FACT 6: There Are Hundreds of Flavours to Choose From!

While Doritos started with just one flavour “Jumpin’ Jack Monterey Cheese” it now comes in hundreds of flavours from Nacho Cheese, Cool Ranch, Toasted Corn and even some strange ones like clam chowder, Onion Rings n’ Ketchup and even Jalapeño Fire!

FACT 7: The Doritos Marketing Department Paid For a Doritos Advert to be Sent Into Space!

If you think it would have been crazy to for them to pay to send an advert to the ISS or maybe the moon it was in fact sent out 42 light years away to a solar system in Ursa Major as a weird publicity stunt!

FACT 8: Someone Was Once Buried Under Doritos!

I love my flavoured chips as much as the next snack monster, but even I think this is going too far! His name was Arch West and he requested that he be buried under a layer of his favourite snacks. It makes me wonder how many they used to cover the whole coffin! Who was this man? he was the creator of them (see fact 2)

FACT 9: The People of New Zealand Didn’t Get Doritos Till 2010!

While I couldn’t find out exactly why they did get the until then my guess is it is down to their very strict import rules and that meant they couldn’t import them because of some of the flavourings where secret. Bless the Kiwis, I hope they managed to make their own in the meanwhile.

FACT 10: Here in the UK Doritos Were Recently Banned!

Some of us might remember why this happened. It was because sadly someone almost died after eating a spicy chip from the “Doritos Roulette” pack and they were then banned from being brought into and sold in all schools across the UK. But shops did still sell them.

Do you know of any other facts about Doritos? If you do why not chare them in the comments below and let your knowledge of them be known to the world.

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