Ten Amazing Facts About Doughnuts You Won’t Believe Are Real

Ten Amazing Facts About Doughnuts You Won’t Believe Are Real
Ten Amazing Facts About Doughnuts You Won’t Believe Are Real

I’m pretty sure most people have savoured the delights that are the humble doughnuts. But what you might not know is how amazing Doughnuts truly are. From incredible stats to amazing facts, I have made sure all of these ten Doughnut facts are true, with not a single hole in any of them…

FACT 1: Elvis Presley’s only TV commercial was for Doughnuts!

He wasn’t a fan of advertisements and saw them as a sell-out, but The King of rock and roll himself did star in just one commercial back in 1954 and that was for Southern Made Doughnuts…yummy!

FACT 2: “Doughnut” or “Donut” is Often Used as a Surname!

For those who don’t know a “surname” is the last part of your name that often indicates a person’s family. But as of this year, there have been over 500 names registered with the surname of “Doughnut” or “Donut”! It makes you wonder what their first names are!

FACT 3: Worldwide 3 Billion Donuts Are Consumed Every Year!

If you think that sounds like rather a lot you should know it is America alone that eats over 1 Billion of them. Oddly, the next country is France who eats over 200 million of them every year!

FACT 4: The Most Expensive Doughnut Costs $1,200 (£960)

It costs a massive $1,200 (£960) and is covered in 24-karat gold! Made by Bjorn DelaCruz who is the head chef of the Manila Social Club in Miami it is described as rather a rich tasting treat (NO WAY!!!…duh.)

FACT 5: The Largest Doughnut Ever Made Weighed Just Under 2 Tonnes!

It was 16ft wide and 16inches high and was made by Doughboys Donuts in Utica, New York, USA on January 21, 1993. This record is since to be beaten and some say it never well. Nor will it ever be finished by the person eating it!

FACT 6: The Worlds First Donut Machine Was Invented in 1920

His name was Adolph Levitt who was a refugee from Russia. It was described as the “hit food of the Century” and he sold millions of them worldwide.

FACT 7: Doughnuts are a Britsh Invention

While there are many Americans wanting to believe it was invented in the US it was a woman called Elizibeth Gregory who was a ship captain’s mother from England. These “deep-fried cakes” were designed to be stored for long journeys out to sea and had a nutmeg filling to stop the middle going off. Hence the name “dough” nuts!

FACT 8: Doughnuts Helped Win WW1

During the long battles of WW1 Salvation Army workers made thousands of doughnuts for the soldiers or all nations because they thought it would remind them of home and spur them on. I’m not sure it was the doughnuts that won the war, but they must have helped!

FACT 9: The Word “Donut” is a Trademark!

There is no mention of any spelling of doughnuts being a “Donut” until the Dunkin Donuts chain of doughnut shops become popular. So if it was only their shop name that people used it does mean the word “donut” is a trademark!

FACT 10: National Doughnut Day is an Offical Celebration!

In fact, this links back to “FACT 8” because on the first Friday of June of each year people celebrate National Doughnut Day which is a nod towards the Salvation Army volunteers who traveled overseas and served the front line soldiers baked goods such as doughnuts.

Do you know any other amazing doughnut facts? If you do why not leave them in the comments below and let others share in your knowledge.

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