Ten Amazing Facts About Strawberries You Won’t Believe Are Real

Ten Amazing Facts About Strawberries You Won't Believe Are Real
Ten Amazing Facts About Strawberries You Won’t Believe Are Real


Do you enjoy eating Strawberries? Maybe in a desert or just on their own. Whatever the way you enjoy them you might appreciate them a little more once you have read these ten amazing facts. I have to admit that even as I was making this post I was amazed at how many great facts there were about this tasty little fruit… 

Fact1: Strawberries Are Not Actually Berries!

But… it’s in the name! Well, yes. But by technical description, a berry is a fruit with its seeds on the inside and yet a strawberry has its seeds on the outside! What will really blow your mind is the fact that a banana is a berry!

Fact 2: California Produces the Most Strawberries

While here in the UK we would like to think most of our strawberries come from British fields most of them come from California or Spain. While most of the UK’s strawberries do indeed come from Spain the worldwide numbers show most at least 13% does indeed come from California, USA.

Fact 3: Strawberries Are Considered To Be A Member Of The Rose Family!

Not only are they part of the rose family (Which also includes: apples, pears, almonds, peaches, apricots, plums, cherries, blackberries and raspberries) but they also give off a sweet rose-like fragrance as they grow on bushes!

Fact 4: Strawberries Are Believed To Have Medicinal Powers!

It was the Ancient Romans who believed strawberries had medicinal powers and they used them to treat pretty much everything from depression to fever and even sore throats. So next time you are feeling a little down get a punnet of strawberries inside of ya belly!

Fact 5: Located In Belgium Is A Whole Museum Dedicated To Strawberries!

Located in Namur, Belgium is the “Strawberry Museum and Country Promotion of Wepion” which is a strawberry and heritage museum that has been open for over 30 years! It houses 9 exhibition rooms which present the history of the strawberry from the XVIIIth century to now.

Fact 6: Native Americans Were Eating Strawberries Before Europeans Even Knew They Existed!

Many popular foods were indigenous foods that the Native Americans ate well before the Europeans. But they often baked them onto cornbread rather than eat them raw. But they did use to do that as well.

Fact 7: In France, Strawberries Are Considered An Aphrodisiac!

Want to spice things up in the bedroom? It seems a small punnet of strawberries is just the thing! In fact, they are traditionally served to newlyweds for their wedding breakfast as a fruit soup. Its suppose to…ahem…light the spark before the big night.

Fact 8: The Worlds Biggest Strawberry Weighs 250g (0.25 KG)

With a height of 8cm, length of 12cm, and circumference of 25 to 30cm this Giant strawberry from Japan is the biggest naturally grown strawberry in the world and weighs the same as most punnets of normally sized strawberries.

Fact 9: Madame Tallien used to Bathe in Strawberries!

While it would have been a right royal pain to do it more than once, the Royal lady Madame Tallien of Napoleon’s court would take a bath in fresh strawberry juice once a year to keep her youthful looks. Seems it didn’t work that well as she died ages 61.

Fact 10: Strawberries are still harvested by hand!

Despite significant increases in farming technology, there is still only one way to harvest strawberries and that is by hand. The main problem is strawberry plants are actually quite delicate and don’t seed well if they are ripped, brused or torn. So you might not want to grumble the nest time that pack of strawberries cost more than you would like.

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