Ten Amazing Facts About Carrots You Won’t Believe Are Real

Ten Amazing Facts About Carrots You Won't Believe Are Real Ten Amazing Facts About Carrots You Won’t Believe Are Real

Some people like them and some people hate them with a passion. No matter what side of the carrot fence you sit you will still find these facts interesting. You may be even wondering whether there is such as thing as eating too many carrots or if there is a variety of carrots that is better for you? From discovering the truth about certain sayings to finding out some interesting info, these ten facts are all 100% true and as fact-checked as I can…



FACT 1: Carrots Really Do Help You See in The Dark!

Well…kind of anyway. Carrots contain vitamin A and this is what your body needs to synthesise rhodopsin which is a pigment in your eyes that does indeed help you see in low-light! But, as you might well know there are many, many other foods that have vitamin A including cheeseburgers!

FACT 2: Carrots Are Not Just Orange

While carrots, of course, go through some colour changes during growth there are varieties of carrots that offer some alternative colours. From purple, red, white, yellow and even black!

FACT 3: Baby Carrots Are Not Young Carrots!

You might think a baby carrot is little more than a big carrot picked out of the ground early, but this is simply not true. They are often a full-sized carrot when picked then rolled over blades and thrown around in a metal cage to be rubbed down to a short, round-ended baby carrot. I will never look at them the same way again.

FACT 4: Carrots Contain More Natural Sugar Than All Other Vegetables!

This might explain why they taste so sweet and there is only one type of beetroot vegetable that has a higher sugar count. While this doesn’t mean they are bad for you, you might want to watch how many you eat.

FACT 5: The World’s Heaviest Carrot Weighed 22 pounds 7 oz (10.17 kg)

It was grown by Chris Qualley from Minnesota, USA in September 2017 and is some sort of carrot monster. While it is believed to be a tightly packed bunch of carrots all grown into one main body it is still very impressive.

FACT 6: The World’s Longest Carrot Was 20 feet 5.9 inches (6.245 metres)

Grown by Joe Atherton from Atherton, UK it is longer than most double-decker busses! But what I will add to this is most natural grown carrots are at least 3-6 feet long anyway, especially when you include the hight of their stalk leaves on top.

FACT 7: Carrots Grow Flowers!

While you won’t see this on any carrot in a supermarket they do indeed flower in the second year of growth. While the outer flowers are tiny white ones the central flower is a dark red!

FACT 8: Most Carrots You Buy in The Local Supermarket Are From China!

China is the world’s largest carrot producer and produces almost half of all the worlds carrots. They are way ahead of Russia and the United States which produce less than 10% of the worlds carrots between them.

FACT 9: Eating Too Many Carrots Will Turn Your Skin Orange!

No, this is not a joke at all. While this effect is much more noticeable on the palms and soles is does indeed cause colouration. Luckily you will need to eat a lot of carrots for this to happen, but it doesn’t cause any health-related issues when it does.

FACT 10: There Are Thousands Of Types of Carrot!

What type of carrot do you have in the fridge? Is it a Crème de Lite, Long Orange, Scarlet Nante, Chantenay, Danvers, Imperator, Nantes or maybe it is a Nelson Hybrid or a Scarlet Nante or even a Sweetness Hybrid!

Do you know anything more interesting about Carrots? If you do why not leave a comment and let the world learn from your knowledge.

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