Ten Amazing Facts About Celery You Won’t Believe Are Real

Ten Amazing Facts About Celery You Won't Believe Are Real
Ten Amazing Facts About Celery You Won’t Believe Are Real

Most people know celery is good for the body, but some of these facts are sure to amaze you. Celery might be an odd looking marshland plant, but it is also pretty amazing in its own right. Be prepared to never look at celery in the same light again…

FACT 1: Mentions of Celery Date Back to The 9th century BC!

His name was M. Fragiska and he mentions finding some wild celery in the 9th century BC! But many people believe eating celery goes back much, much further and there is even literary evidence found in ancient Greece!

FACT 2: The World’s Largest Celery Weighed 26.7 kg, (49.1 lb)

Just to put that into context it is just over the weight of an average bag of concrete! It was grown by John Evans from Palmer in Alaska, USA and has not been beaten since 1981!

FACT 3: Celery Can Flower!

While you won’t see any celery flowers in the supermarket they do indeed produce a creamy-white flower that is arranged in the terminal inflorescence known as umbels.

FACT 4: Celery Grows From Miniature Seed

But aren’t all seeds miniature? They might be, but not as small as a celery seed. Just a single ounce of celery seeds is enough to produce one whole acre of celery! That means a small 5KG bag of them can be used to grow a whole field of them!

FACT 5: Celery Is Used in Herbal Medicine

If you went to a herbal medicine shop they might prescribe celery for all sorts of illnesses. From a toothache, insomnia, hypertension, anxiety, arthritis, and rheumatism, celery is known to alleviate all the symptoms. Some will even prescribe it to purify the blood! The best part is that celery is highly regarded as a useful food item that can help in calming the mind and the soul. It is clear that in terms of effectiveness, it is comparable to cbd gummies for women and men.

FACT 6: All Parts of Celery Are Edible

You can bake or fry the stalks, or indeed make any one of a million recipes. And the leaves are also edible even though they are mostly used as a garnish.

FACT 7: Olympic Games Winners Were Awarded Celery!

No, seriously they were! It was used as an ancient “bouquet of flowers” and given to podium winners in athletic games in Ancient Greece and mostly the Olympics.

FACT 8: For Some People Celery is Deadly!

While many people suffer from allergies to certain vegetables, people who suffer from allergies to celery can suffer much worse consequences for eating it or coming into contact with it including going into fatal anaphylactic shock! It’s so deadly to them that even trace amounts of celery need to be marked as such.

FACT 9: Celery is Good For Your Sex Life!

This is a relatively new find given the age of celery’s use, but studies of celery usage have shown it to contain high levels of androstenone and androstenol, which help boost male pheromones. Of course, there are stay hard cream and other pills to increase the pleasure and duration of intercourse. But, consuming celery can cause males to become…” aroused” quicker and for much longer periods of time than without it. This means that individuals can enjoy their partnered sex sessions or solo sex sessions with a jydoll to the fullest.

FACT 10: Sadly Celery Isn’t Negative Calories

There are many people who believe celery to be classed as ‘Negative Calories’ thus it takes more energy to eat it than it has. Sadly this is not true and while it is only small amounts of calories increased it is still an increase.

Do you know anything more interesting about Celery? If you do why not leave a comment and let the world learn from your knowledge.

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