Ten Human Foods and Drinks That Are Bad for Cats

Ten Human Foods and Drinks That Are Bad for Cats
Ten Human Foods and Drinks That Are Bad for Cats

We have already learned ten foods that are bad for dogs, but now it is time to look at foods that are bad for our feline friends. It is not hard to love a cat. At times they are loyal and lovable, but also strong-willed and bursting with personality. Sadly that will often mean us humans give into them and give them some of our human foods. If you give your cat any of these ten foods or drinks you might want to stop doing so as it could be causing them more harm than you think…




It might be funny to watch your cat enjoy a small amount of beer poured into its bowl, but even the smallest amount of alcohol can cause severe reactions in your cat including brain and liver damage!


Your cat might well have bad breath, but giving a cat garlic to make its breath smell better is going to cause more problems than it solves. While very small amounts won’t affect most cats a lot of it will and can cause digestive upset.


I know several old ladies that live near me and at least 2 of them do give their cats a saucer of tea now and again. But anything that contains caffeine could cause real problems for your cat’s heart including palpitations!

Raw Fish

Cats can eat raw fish right!? Well…no! In fact, they can get the same problems it would cause in us humans. From Salmonella to E. coli, so do make sure it is cook properly before you treat them to some.

Cows Milk

Just like us humans, some cats are indeed lactose intolerant. If you have been giving your cat cows milk for years you still need to keep an eye on them afterwards as they could become lactose intolerant later in life.

Dog Food

This one might be a shock to most people as cat food and dog food are the same things right!? While the main ingredients are probably the same it is the added essential vitamins that are different and by giving your cat dog food they are not getting the right kind and this could cause real health problems long term.

Tomato Juice

While some cat foods do have small amounts of tomatoes and indeed tomato juice inside of them the amounts are small enough to be considered safe. But a small saucer of real tomato juice contains enough Glycoalkaloid Solanine to cause a toxic relation inside your poor cat’s stomach!


Cats love tuna! A cat given a tin of tuna or salmon is a happy cat indeed, but if you feed them this instead of their normal cat food it will mean they are not getting the essential vitamins and minerals they need. So tune is OK for a treat, but anything more than one tin of tuna a month should be avoided.


Much like the tea this also contains caffeine and that is not good for cats at all. But the stronger amounts of it in coffee makes it even more dangerous for cats to drink, especially if it is filtered coffee.


This one should go without saying, but in case you didn’t know chocolate contains theobromine and this is a very toxic substance to most pets, but especially in cats as their stomachs are not as resilient as dogs.