Ten Human Foods and Drinks That Are Bad for Dogs

Ten Human Foods and Drinks That Are Bad for Dogs
Ten Human Foods and Drinks That Are Bad for Dogs

If most dog owners are honest we treat our furry friends with more human foods that we would like to admit to. But could they be killing your dog? These ten human foods are all bad for dogs and even feeding them small amounts over time could cause your faithful friend real problems…



In fact, just about anything containing stimulants like caffeine is bad, but coffee is, of course, one of the worst and even allowing your pet pooch to lick the bottom of the cup can cause them problems long term.


Unless it is pet-friendly chocolate most chocolate these days contain a stimulant called theobromine which of course is bad for them. Even the smallest of chunks can cause massive problems in dogs that have not had it before.


It’s not just beer, in fact, it is all forms of alcohol that is toxic for dogs. So it might be funny to give your pooch a small bowl of beer, but it really doesn’t do them any good at all and longterm it can even result in early death.

Trail Mix

What’s not to love about a handful of trail mix? It has chocolate, grapes, raisins and even some nuts! Well, the problem is ALL those things are bad for dogs and just one small handful can result in your pet suffering from kidney failure, especially in smaller dogs.

Cows Milk

Dogs simply don’t have the enzymes needed to break down the lactose in milk which often results in them suffering from digestive upset. But there are other milk-like products like goats milk that they can drink and these days there is even dogs milk on the supermarket shelves (in the pet aisle).

Corn on the cob

Have you ever noticed corn in your own stools after eating it? It simply doesn’t break down very well at all and with dogs that is a real problem, especially if they eat a lot of it.

Citrus Juice

Even the smallest amount contains citric acid which can cause massive problems in your pets central nervous system, resulting in most of them with mild to severe stomach upset.


Avocado is not just a problem for dogs, it can be bad for birds, rabbits, donkeys, horses, sheep and even goats! In dogs, it causes cardiovascular damage even in the smallest of quantities.

Coconut Water

In fact, most coconut-based products can cause problems in dogs, but coconut water is high in potassium and this is far worse for them than even consuming the shell itself!

All Animal Bones

The number one thing that causes death in dogs due to consumption is animal bones. They can choke on them, injure themselves on them and all sorts of intestinal problems can occur from your pooch munching on them. While it feels natural to give a dog the bones from your food you should at the very least keep a good eye on them while they enjoy it, but of couse, it is best they don’t have them at all.