Ten Common Mistakes People Make When Cleaning the Kitchen

Ten Common Mistakes People Make When Cleaning the Kitchen

A clean kitchen is a key to healthy living. Everything, starting from the floor to the window (you can hire professionals from the Internet who can provide exceptional Window Cleaning services) needs to be thoroughly cleaned. The area needs to sparkle so that the food you cook does not get contaminated by dirt or dust. However, giving your kitchen a sparkle is not hard – the challenge is keeping it up, which requires you to be smart about every aspect of cleaning, from the choice of cleaning agents to the pattern of cleaning and drying. You can start by removing all the unnecessary items and rubbish from the kitchen before you move forward with the cleaning process. Probably, taking assistance of a rubbish removal moorabbin (or near your location) can benefit you and make the cleaning task more achievable. Additionally, there are lots of articles that you can explore on how you can make your kitchen cleaner. But unless you come up with a perfect one for your kitchen, you may still find yourself dealing with these common mistakes that people make when cleaning the kitchen.

Starting With the Floor

This happens more often than you could imagine but it often leads to more work or leaves a huge mess behind. As you scrub the countertops, the cabinets, pantry, shelves and every raised appliance in the kitchen, dirty water, grease and other dirty particles drop to the floor. After giving everyone at the top a shine, you can then sum it up by brushing or vacuuming the floor.

Over Relying on Vinegar

Home-made cleaners like vinegar, coke and other rumoured cleaners may be great but they are not the most reliable because they were not manufactured with your toughest stains in mind. So, cleaning your countertops, cooker and other areas with vinegar should only be the last resort if you don’t have an actual cleaning agent in the house. They are rarely that effective and wherever their limit is maybe the beginning of stains and disaster in the kitchen.

Waiting Too Long Before Deep Cleaning

Your kitchen shouldn’t have to wait for months before it gets a deep clean. The kitchen is one of the most active places in the house meaning dirt accumulates every day. The longer you wait, the more stains, soot, and other dirt build up. This can also make it prone to infestations with cockroaches and ants, which may require hiring professionals from preventative pest control services in Cleveland (or wherever you reside for that matter). This being the case, you will have a lot more work to do than you had expected and one session may not be enough to give your kitchen the sparkle you were seeking.

Attempting to Wash Pots and Pans While They Are Still Hot

Attempting to Wash Pots and Pans While They Are Still Hot

Pots and pans are expensive and they also need care just like the other appliances in your kitchen. When you subject hot pots and pans to cold water, they are forced to drop temperatures rapidly which causes warping. With time, they lose their shape and may also start cracking. You should allow them to cool down after use until they are at room temperature before rinsing or washing them.

Over Relying On Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes are good for removing germs from your surfaces and utensils but there is only so much they can do. When you use a single wipe to wipe over too many surfaces, it stops disinfecting and starts spreading germs, grease and dirt instead. If you have many utensils and a large area to wipe, a fibre cloth is the better option as you can just rinse it and use it again.

Not Cleaning Your Cleaning Gear

Cleaning gear including gloves and buckets are often ignored which undermines the idea of having a clean kitchen in the first place. For instance, you might have purchased those cut-resistant gloves from sites like unigloves.co.uk specifically for cleaning the kitchen nooks and corners. Now, how would it be if you fail to clean them once you are done cleaning the kitchen? Sponges, brushes, gloves, and even your buckets need to be cleaned after they are used to give your kitchen a shine. You should throw those sponges into a bag and into the washer once their job is done so that they are clean enough for their next job. Towels and brushes used for cleaning should also be cleaned.

Failing To Scrub the Oven After Using It

Most manufacturers advertise their ovens as self-cleaning and it is true but there is no robot in there to remove burnt crusts and soot, especially on the racks. Most people wait until they notice smoke coming out while they bake before cleaning the insides of the oven and that is not safe. You should give your oven a thorough brushing after using it to remove the burnt and deep clean it at least once every three months.

Putting The Wrong Items in The Dish Washer

Putting The Wrong Items in The Dish Washer

This mostly applies to knives, can openers and wooden appliances. It is understandable to be lazy sometimes but if you don’t feel like handwashing items that can’t go into the washer, then you should put them into the sink and wash them later. The detergent and the banging in the washer take away years of service from your knives, can openers and other items that are not dishwasher friendly.

Ignoring Knobs and Handles

Knobs and handles catch lots of dirt and grease but they are often ignored when the brushing and wiping are being done. When you don’t clean the knobs, they get discoloured over time and they may be the ugly dot to your sparkling kitchen. It may not seem like much, but that scrub around the knobs goes a long way in keeping them clean and in good condition.

Forgetting Your Burners

The state of your cooker is an indicator of the state of your kitchen and burners also need a shine. Cleaning the cooker is another tough job that many people don’t light up to but it is necessary. When cleaning, you have to pay attention to the joints and edges because grease and food particles tend to stick and accumulate there. If you have removable grates and burners, you should also lift them and brush thoroughly.

Have you ever made any of these mistakes? If you have why not tell us about it in the comments below!

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