Ten Common Household Foods That Can Kill You!

Ten Common Household Foods That Can Kill You!
Ten Common Household Foods That Can Kill You!

No, seriously they can! I am not talking about some foreign mushrooms or strange fruits I am talking about foods you probably have in your fridge right now! But before you go throwing them away I think it is better that I explain why…




Do you all the apple or leave the core and seeds? I am asking you this because it is apple seeds that contain the Cyanide toxicity. Sure, you would need to eat a lot of apple seeds to cause death. but it is possible. You are probably wondering how many apple seeds are classed as dangerous and the answer is about 100. So about 15 apples eaten per day.


The good news here is that honey from a store isn’t dangerous at all, in fact, it is pretty good for you. But raw unpasteurized-honey contains grayanotoxin which is known to cause dizziness, weakness and vomiting. If you are very young or old and frail this could easily cause death!


I think most people know Rhubarb contain poisonous substances, but did you know it caused the death of thousands of people during WW1 because of government advice telling people it was safe to eat, forgetting to tell them the leaves contain a nephrotoxic and corrosive acid.


This fact will blow your mind. More people in America die from choking on a HotDog than all the animal deaths in the same country! During its trend peak in the early 1990’s one child died from choking on a hotdog every five days!


The good news is that it is not so much the tomato itself that is poisonous, rather the stalk and leaves on top it. They contain glycoalkaloid which can cause death even in the smallest of qualities. But you would need to eat about 50 tomatoes leaves for them to cause death.

Raw Meat

Most people who cook know raw meat is a deadly meat, but what you might not know is how small the quantities have to be in order to cause a fatality. Some people in a frail state can be killed by a single quarter pounder. So make sure your meat is cooked as well as you can.


Have you ever heard or indeed seen someone doing the crazy viral internet food challenge of the “cinnamon challenge” (The objective of the challenge is to film oneself eating a spoonful of ground cinnamon in under 60 seconds without drinking anything, then upload the video to the Internet) well, that might well be the challenge that ends your live because even the slightest inhale during that challenge could cause the Cinnamon to enter the lungs and then you would have a serious problem. And yes, people have indeed died doing just that.


While nutmeg is fine in small quantities in excessive consumption it might cause vomiting, hallucinations and even bring you to the point of collapse! OK, so you will need to eat a lot of it to do just that, but it could happen.


While these days the risks of contracting salmonella from a raw egg are low, the risk of 1 in 20,000 eggs which contain it still makes them a significant risk. The only real way to make sure the raw eggs are safe to drink or eat is to have your own chickens and having them regularly health checked.

Lima Beans

Most people know that lima beans are a good source of molybdenum, fibre, copper and manganese., but did you also know that are toxic if eaten raw! And this is not in large quantities, just eating 5 raw lima beans will cause you to feel ill and 20+ has the possible risk of death!

These short list of foods isn’t supposed to put anyone off them as they are all safe to eat if cooked properly. Just make sure you know these facts if you use these foods and you should be fine.

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