Ten Foods That Are Proven to Help People With Diarrhoea

Ten Foods That Are Proven to Help People With Diarrhoea
Ten Foods That Are Proven to Help People With Diarrhoea

While most people know consuming bland foods will help a little with a bad case of diarrhoea, there are certain foods that are proven to be much better for it. This is not a list of old-wives tales, this list of ten foods have been proven to help with diarrhoea under test conditions and should be the best to eat if you are feeling a little under the weather (please note: Occasional diarrhoea is quite a common thing, but if it lasts more than a few days you really should seek medical advice)…




The common rule of thumb noted by taking in this entire list is to consume any foods that might consume body water, rather than induce it. So of course, some nice toast will do a pretty good job of this and give you a tasty start to the day.

Cheese and Crackers

While you can enjoy crackers on their own they would be much more enjoyable with a thin slice of cheese on top. This is perfect for a midday lunch, especially when you are at work with a bad case of the runs.

Plain White Basmati Rice

Not all rice is good for you when you have the runs, essentially steamed rice as it tends to keep most of its moisture in and that is not what you want. The drier the rice, the better it will be for you and Basmati is perfect for those with diarrhoea.


There are many different ways to cook porridge, but you shouldn’t need to me tell you it needs to be as dry as possible, but still have taste and flavour. While it is indeed good for anyone with diarrhoea it needs to be prepared in the best way possible. So sadly no fruit unless it is sliced bananas.

Jacket Potato

While this might make a lot of people happy the bad news is it only works well against diarrhoea if consumed on its own. No butter, no beans, no tuna, nothing. Still, it is a tasty snack if done well, but not as tasty as many of the others on this list.

Thick Bread Sandwiches

Much like the use of toast the thicker the bread, the more moisture it will soak up. The key thing to remember here is to not butter the bread and to make the filling as moisture free as possible. So a thin slice of cheese or maybe some banana if you like that sort of thing.


Not only will consuming these help increase your bodies salt levels that you often lose while suffering from diarrhoea, but their cracker-like ingredients will also help soak up a lot of the bodies access moisture.

Rice Cakes

Not only are rice cakes a healthy snack, but they are also pretty good at soaking up some extra water from the body which is essential when you have diarrhoea. Even the ones with a thin layer of chocolate on should do you the world of good.


One of the main things that happen to your body when you are suffering from diarrhoea is the loss of potassium and potassium helps the body regulate fluids! So munching on some bananas is a great way to help your body fight back and get your digestion back on track.

Lentil Soup

You might think extra moisture in the body would be a bad thing, but keep your body as hydrated as possible is the key to getting better quicker. While the lentils themselves will bind you and help soak up some of the extra moisture in your bodies digestive track the “soup” part will also help settle your stomach and give it some much-needed moisture. As with all the foods listed in this post, you should always drink as much water as possible. It’s OK using these foods to bind yourself, but you also need to rehydrate yourself at the same time.

Do you know of any other foods that help with diarrhoea? If you do why not leave a comment and let the world share in your knowledge.

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