Ten Foods That Nutrition Experts Would Not feed Their Kids

Ten Foods That Nutrition Experts Would Not feed Their Kids

An old saying is ‘prevention is better than cure’. We are so much conscious and concerned about the health of our children and the first thing that should be substantial in such cases is nutrition or diet. You might have a concept about healthy food for kids but having awareness regarding unhealthy food items would make your life easy and healthy. Many health experts not only focus on a healthy diet but also on unhealthy ones. These unhealthy food items should be averted. Here is the list of ten foods which are discredited by nutritionists for kids…

10. Packaged desserts

Muffins, cookies, cupcakes and other bakery items that are encased in plastic wrappers seem to be absolutely delectable and flavorful. Kids are allured towards them and show an intense desire to have them and taste out. But these are not healthy containing high quantity of sugar and therefore should be circumlocution.

Hot dogs

9. Hot dogs

Hotdogs are basically a sausage served in a sliced bun. Its ingredients include meat with additions of flavours such as salt, paprika, garlic and then garnished with onions, ketchup, chilli, cheese and preservatives. There are many reasons why they should be averted the most injurious one is the choking risk for children presented by it. Its ingredients showed the presence of sodium contents fat and fat things in the form of preservatives due to these keeping them out of the range of the kids.

8. Pasta Meals Canned

Canned pasta is an unhealthy thing why should not you try a mixture of vegetables with Spaghetti and meatballs. It’s not healthy to have white flour which is totally pure with preservatives and tomatoes. Think about it and let your children away from these hazardous foods.

Canned Meats

7. Canned Meats

Canned meats are the miscreants here having high sodium contents and fats. Different companies express the advantages of canned food but it should be kept in mind, no excuse should be made for kid’s food as compared to adult one. A nutritionist substitute for it is canned tuna or sardines packed in water.

6. Syrup Containing Fruit Cup

These syrups contain high sugar contents and are harmonious regarding their desuetude. A good way to enjoy the fruits in this way but only if they are packed in its own fruit juice or in plain water, avoiding extra sweetness and calories.


5. Chips

One of the worst kid’s food is chips, whether they are baked or fried, they should be averted. It is a high-calorie diet having high-fat content and is not a good food for kids. No doubt it is the favourite one of the kids and very difficult to keep them out of their extent. But allow them to have one on special occasions or parties because of its extreme demand.

4. Cereals

These multicoloured artificial cereals and sweeteners are always appealing to kids and they love to have them in their diet. It’s obvious that they would choose these rainbow-coloured cereals instead of whole grain so why give them the option, add whole grains to their diet and stick with it. If these cereals have to give the only option is to make sugary cereals a dessert and serve it in a small bowl. A very low quantity should be served.

3. Packaged breakfast pastries

These contain high sugar contents and minimal fibres which is very injurious to the health. Whether they are baked or not these contents remain the same. Although they are better to have in the morning as breakfast than nothing there are alternative items like granola or muesli bars made with whole grain oats, nuts and fruits.

2. Prepackaged lunches

These items ranked high in this list because of high fat, and high concentration of sugar content therefore a high caloric and unhealthy diet with no nutritional values whose ingredients lead to obesity and make kids deprived of healthy things as it becomes their habit. Vitamins, minerals and grains are necessary for a kid’s growth and they do not exist in such types of school-prepacked lunches so consider dietitian warnings and your kid’s health and safety.

Sugar-sweetened beverages

1. Sugar-sweetened beverages

The most unhealthiest diet that should be circumlocution is Sugar-sweetened beverages. It does not ponder how old are you, or how much thirst you are feeling. The best thing to reduce thirst is water, a gift of God without which no one can survive and is a universal truth and all of you would agree. These beverages contain extra unhealthy sugar leads to obesity and many other diseases in kids. Obesity itself is a serious issue.


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