Ten Celebrities Who Offer the Most Practical Healthy Eating Advice

Ten Celebrities Who Offer the Most Practical Healthy Eating Advice

Let’s face it, appearances matter and that is why most celebrities do everything they can to stay in shape. Most of them also take on contracts to advertise products that people use daily including certain foods. When it comes to giving healthy eating advice that is applicable to everyone, many don’t have much to offer. While others propose going all-out vegan or literally overhauling your life to live healthily, some still give practical advice that you can apply to your diet and live healthier. Here is a look at the most inspiring quotes from celebrities on healthy living that everyone can live by. 

Serena Williams: Eat to live. Don’t live to eat

You don’t get fitter than being 40 years old and playing the best games on the tennis court still fighting for a grand slam. That is how healthy and fit Serena Williams is and as she told Women’s health in 2021, her fitness is mostly down to her health-conscious diet. Serena Williams Enjoys a protein-rich diet and has been doing more plant-based foods in recent years to keep in shape. His advice to everyone was that a diet should be about eating to live and by live, she means being as healthy as possible through your diet. This advice is great for people who struggle with binge eating and find it hard to stick to a diet plan.

Michelle Obama: The problem is when treats become habits

Michelle Obama’s work with the Let’s Move initiative has had a far-reaching impact on alleviating obesity and promoting healthy living among children in America. She always looks 20 years younger than her actual age and no one believes she is approaching her 60s. Regular exercise is part of her daily routine. She also said in an interview that ‘choosing a healthy diet is not about deprivation, it is about balance.” According to Michelle, if you add sufficient fruits and vegetables to every meal you have in a day, then a pizza or an ice cream once in a while does no harm as long as you don’t turn those treats into a habit.

Steve Maraboli:

Steve Maraboli: By choosing healthy over skinny, you are choosing self-love over self-judgment

“Being healthy is a way of life. It is not just about what you feed your body; it is about what you feed your mind and the social environment you keep.” The renowned author said. He is not the fittest celebrity out here but he also looks a lot younger than his actual age and always has advice on how to stay healthy by loving and forgiving yourself first. As his quote suggests, being skinny is not the meaning of being healthy. You have to bring dietary and mental health in harmony to be healthy.

Angelina Jolie: Real food is better than dieting

Angelina Jolie is one of the fittest women in the world and a big ambassador of healthy living. She is known for being honest about her dietary lifestyle and even came out and explained why she gave up her vegan lifestyle after a few years of trying. Amid rumours that she only lives on 600 calories a day, she came out and said she enjoys the taste of fish and good steak and that dieting is not her thing anymore. She prefers eating a variety of healthy foods and making your eating life as simple as possible rather than limiting it to a diet.

Gigi Hadid: Eat clean to stay fit. Eat a burger to stay sane

The supermodel and Michelle Obama seem to agree on this one and agree that giving yourself a treat should not be off the cards. Hadid is known to indulge in burgers and ice cream and even went online to complain when her favourite ice cream joint was closed. She still insists on an active lifestyle with exercise and healthy eating but insists that you shouldn’t become a slave to “healthy dieting”.


Beyonce: I love my butter pecan ice cream, but I also love to work out

Beyonce was body-shamed for gaining weight when she was 19 years old but instead of brooding about it, she wrote her song Bootylicious which was a massive success and motivation for her. She is one of the most prominent campaigners for healthy dieting having promoted a plant-based eating campaign with her husband back in 2019 during which they gave out lifelong tickets for lucky fans. She also made comments to Reuters about combining her daily life, a little bit of fun and keeping in shape during which she said she doesn’t deny herself the treats but she makes up for it with daily exercise.

Kim Kardashian: Never feel like you have to be the skinniest girl in the room to be the prettiest

Curvy was never seen as beautiful until Kim Kardashian came along and changed the standards of beauty for everyone. Despite being one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, she never ceases to remind everyone how much she loves her curves. She told the associated press, “I am really proud of my curves and I hope all of you curvy girls out there are embracing yours too.” She still insists on hydrating properly and having a daily exercise routine to stay healthy and keep those curves in their best shape.

Adelle Davis

Adelle Davis: Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper

Adelle Davis is still considered one of the best nutritionists in American history with his advice on how to burn calories throughout the day being used by many people today. He advised that you should eat most of your food in the morning and mid-morning and stay active enough to burn most of the calories throughout the day to reduce the accumulation of fat in the liver. It is a practical strategy that anyone can employ when trying to cut weight and live healthier.

Jennifer Lawrence: I don’t really diet or anything

Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t with the idea of dieting at all. She clearly said she would rather look chubby on camera but live a normal life like everyone else than suffer on diets just to look like a bird for the cameras. Lawrence insists on exercising frequently but also gives in to her cravings as they come. She said, “If I want a piece of pizza, I eat a piece of pizza.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins: The only way to eat a lot is to keep eating little

“This will keep you long enough to eat till it becomes a lot,” the quote continues. Tony Robbins offers some of the best self-help books in the world and his advice on nutrition is always practical. He emphasizes that you should live a life of moderation and that applies to your eating habits as well.

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