Ten of the Worlds Strongest Alcoholic Drinks

Ten of the Worlds Strongest Alcoholic Drinks

We all like getting wasted, don’t we? We like losing control, leaving all our inhibitions and fears behind, asking that guy or girl out on the dance floor, and being the most liberated and best (read, fun) versions of ourselves. Some people use the strongest Alcohol as a means to channel their creativity. The loss of inhibitions acts as the floodgate, which breaks open, and you can create something raw and powerful from the resultant chaos. Imagine what the strongest alcoholic drinks can do to you! There are a lot of reasons to get drunk, which is why people veer towards powerful drinks.

But even the most powerful, commonly used drinks have an ABV (Alcohol by Volume) level of just about 25%, 40 max. It’s pretty rare to stumble across one of the strongest alcohol drinks as they literally have the ability to knock your socks off, or if taken without measure, then maybe even lead to alcohol poisoning.

Here’s a list of the ten strongest alcoholic drinks in the world that has the highest alcohol content in it.

Grappa (35-60% ABV)

1. Grappa (35-60% ABV)

Grappa-Strongest Alcohol in the world with 35%-60% alcohol by volume content, Grappa is a beautifully fragrant brandy of grape-based pomace. Its origin lay in Italy and was originally made in order to prevent waste by utilizing all the remnants of grapes after making wine, like the seeds, stem, and skin.

It’s extremely potent and has a strong wine-like flavour. Off late, the aged Grappas are more in demand and have a yellow or red-brown hue.

Absinthe ( 45%-72% ABV)

2. Absinthe ( 45%-72% ABV)

These are the most popular amongst the strongest alcoholic drinks with a range of 90 to 170 Proof, that is, 45%-72% ABV. This is known to produce some strange hallucinatory effects in the user and is made from wormwood bark and Artemisia absinthium. It’s distilled from the herbs, flowers and leaves of the aforementioned Absinthium plant. While these are also available in higher ABVs, it is highly advised to go within 72.

These mostly gained popularity during the opiate-riddled 19th century, and by 1900, the French were consuming as much as 2 million litres a year! It kept increasing in consumption by an extremely steep curve until the government stepped in and banned the drink in 1915 in many European countries and the US. However, not even the Government can keep people away from their fix for too long and by 2004, there was a grand Absinthe revival.

Bacardi 151 (75.5% ABV)

3. Bacardi 151 (75.5% ABV)

Bacardi 151 – the strongest alcoholic is an extremely potent alcoholic drink made by Bacardi Limited, which is usually used in very small quantities for rum-based cocktails, such as Daiquiris and Cuba Libre.

Its potency is quite evident, considering it has to come with a stainless steel flame trap because of the high 75.5% ABV level, making it extremely inflammable.

Devil Springs Vodka (80% ABV)

4. Devil Springs Vodka (80% ABV)

This has an ABV of 80% or 160 Proof, which is why it’s also one of the world’s most famous — or rather infamous — vodkas.

It’s most commonly used in flaming shots or as an ingredient in cocktails with juices or ginger ale. It can be quite dangerous if consumed without dilution.

Sunset Rum (84.5% ABV)

5. Sunset Rum (84.5% ABV)

This is a high-risk Rum, one of the most potent available out there, with an alcoholic content of 84.5%. You’d do well not to down it at a go, or better yet, stay away from it altogether, as it might very likely knock you out cold with a single sip if you don’t have enough immunity.

Balkan 176 (88% ABV)

6. Balkan 176 (88% ABV)

Balkan 176 This is a drink for the true daredevils out there. As the name suggests, it’s a drink that comes straight from the Balkans — Scandinavia, to be precise — and is one of the strongest drinks ever made out there, with an 88% ABV. Not only is it strong, but it’s also odourless, colourless, and tasteless, sorta’ of like water! However, don’t gulp it down to quench your thirst.
It could — quite literally — kill you. And this isn’t just rhetoric either; there have been cases of people dying from alcohol poisoning from even small amounts of consuming this drink.

In fact, this triple-distilled drink comes with a whopping 13 health hazard warnings on the side of the bottle! You couldn’t find a stronger warning against ingesting poison itself.

Pincer Shanghai Vodka (88.8% ABV)

7. Pincer Shanghai Vodka (88.8% ABV)

I suppose the Scots need a stiff drink because of the cold? I dunno; I can’t really explain or even comprehend why this Scottish Vodka even exists with its 88.8% alcohol content. It has a creamy and herbal-infused flavour because it’s made from Wild Elderflower and Milk Thistle.

Bruichladdich X4+1 Quadrupled Whiskey (92% ABV)

8. Bruichladdich X4+1 Quadrupled Whiskey (92% ABV)

Bruichladdich X4+1 Quadrupled Whiskey- Strong alcoholic has an ABV of 92%, making it one of the most alcoholic single malt whiskey out there. It also goes through a rigorous distillation process, making it extremely pure and potent. As the name suggests, it is quadruple-distilled and comes from the Rhinos of the Isle of Islay in Scotland.

It has been in circulation since 1881. According to legend, however, this whiskey was also in use back in 1695, when locals told a Hebridean traveller named Martin Martin that one sip from the drink would offer him immortality, two would make him go blind, and three would kill him on the spot.

Everclear (95% ABV)

9. Everclear (95% ABV)

Everclear-Strong Alcohol, there is quite a contestation about whether this is the strongest drink in the world or only the second strongest with an ABV of 95%. Another deceptively odourless, tasteless and colourless drink with a 95% alcohol content is sold by the American company Luxco.

In fact, this is such a suicidal drink that it had been banned by both the US and Canada until a recent law overturned that ruling, and it came back to the market as a potent borderline poison packaged in a fancy bottle for the daring few. In fact, its odourless and tastelessness suggests that it’s not even meant to be mixed with other drinks as that would be futile, but had straight up.

Spirytus Polish Vodka (96% ABV)

10. Spirytus Polish Vodka (96% ABV)

With 96% ABV, there is no wonder why this tops the list of Strongest alcoholic drinks, but it is highly suspected that it’s even legal, to begin with. It has a very gentle and mild taste and smell. It is made from ethyl alcohol and has a grainy base.

However, the Polish have found quite a few uses for this drink — preparing fruity liqueurs, vodkas, and even desserts! Some even use it for ‘medicinal purposes’, whatever those are!
The above-mentioned are some of the strongest alcoholic drinks available out there in the market. But please do not try any of this without proper precaution.

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