The Words Most Expensive Bottles of Mineral Water

The reason for writing this article about the most expensive mineral water brands or bottled water in the world is just to let you know about the costly waters around the planet which have been sold because of their venerated quality, special packaging, purity and exotic appearance.

Bottled water may be purified, distilled, sparkling or taken directly from the spring. It can also be sourced from the rain or the artesian as well. Some would put additional aromas into it. Some become really costly because of their limited supply and exotic nature. Others are expensive simply because the one who made it decided to make it a luxury item.

Find out below the world’s top 10 most expensive mineral bottled waters.

Fine – $5 per 750 ml

10. Fine – $5 per 750 ml

This water mainly belongs to Japan. Mt. Fuji in Japan is a very famous mountain belt; this water is from underneath this mountain belt. The water is also very clean and pure, perfect for a healthy life. The taste of the water is very different as the source of water is from a mainspring situated 600 meters below the mountain belt. The packing and the bottle are very exceptional and stylish as well. Its price is about $5 per 750 ml, an expensive mineral water brand for a common man to afford.

Tasmanian Rain – $5 per 750 ml

9. Tasmanian Rain – $5 per 750 ml

If you love exotic things, this bottle of water is for you! This water mainly belongs to Australia. We all know that Australia is very famous for its beautiful places and islands. Tasmania is an island located in the south of this continent. This mineral bottled water is sourced from this island’s rain. The water is collected straight to the bottle from the sky without the water even touching the ground, and the further purification process is done on it. The style of the bottle is unique, looks like a wine bottle, and is very striking. This as well is one of the most expensive mineral water brands.

Lauquen Artes Mineral Water – $6 per 750 ml

8. Lauquen Artes Mineral Water – $6 per 750 ml

Let us understand what is so special about this bottle of water. Lauquen is one of the leading international premium bottled water brands, and the main source of this water is an aquifer located in some remote areas of the Andes Mountains from the depth of 1500ft. The bottle is designed in a very exceptional way, and it does not look like water. The price of water per bottle is $6, which is a very expensive mineral water brand for consumers, but most people purchase this because of its quality and taste. They are selling these only in the finest hotels, restaurants and wine bars.

AquaDeco – $12 per 750 ml

7. AquaDeco – $12 per 750 ml

What makes this bottle of water so expensive? The water is sourced from unspoiled and untouched natural springs in Canada. This water also won the award called best spring water. The bottle has a unique and attractive design, and it looks more like a perfume bottle than a bottled drink. Since the main water source is from natural springs, it has natural purity. This is also a most expensive mineral water brand and so cannot be affordable by everyone.

10 Thousand BC – $14 per 750 ml

6. 10 Thousand BC – $14 per 750 ml

This water basically belongs to Canada. The 10 Thousand BC name relates to the age of the water source. The main source of this water drink is from distant and exotic locations off the coast of Canada. Since the plant of filtration is located far from the city, it is free from pollution and very clean, and hence it is considered the most clean and pure drink in the world. The design of its bottle is very elegant and attracts many customers due to its look. It looks like a new wine and costs $14 for a bottle. Hence this as well as the most expensive mineral bottled water brand and is perfect for rich people.

Veen – $23 per 750 ml

5. Veen – $23 per 750 ml

This mineral water brand’s bottle basically belongs to Finland. The water is lifted from the Konisaajo spring in the Finnish Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland. Many professionals have considered this most expensive bottled water as pure and very fresh as well. This water drink satisfies your thirst and boosts your energy level. This expensive bottled water is available in many flavours as well. They have basically done divergence by introducing different flavours in the drinks. The design of their bottle is similar to many energy drinks as they focus on boosting energy and satisfy thirst as well. The price of this drink is almost $23, which is not affordable for a common person and is out of the reach of their pocket.

Bling H2O – $40 per 750 ml

4. Bling H2O – $40 per 750 ml

Guess what this bottle is made of? As the name goes, Bling, has much shiny jewellery on it, made out of Swarovski crystals to make it look attractive. Water Bottles are usually closed with a cork-like champagne; when opened, it is very fresh as well as very pure. The company believes that people use this on their victories and special occasions, and it has been introduced to a few athletes and actors. This is again the most expensive mineral water brands or most expensive bottled water and hence cannot be affordable by everyone.

Fillico – $219 per 750 ml

3. Fillico – $219 per 750 ml

Finally, an amazingly expensive water bottle! This most expensive mineral water bottle looks like some royal piece. Filo stands for empathy, and Ricco stands for rich. The bottles are made like a chess pieces that of a king or queen with a gold crown at the top. They are mostly associating this water with some royal touch. This is basically from Japan and very pure as well. Its price is about $219, which is the most expensive bottled water and not affordable for everyone. People buy this water bottle to show off their status instead of its use and taste.

Kona Nigari Water – $402 per 750 ml

2. Kona Nigari Water – $402 per 750 ml

This is the second most expensive mineral water brand in the world! Some people are actually paying $402 for a water bottle. The main source of water is mostly detoxified sea water which is collected from the deep sea and sold in Japan. It has many qualities and benefits like it decreases weight and stress and improves skin tone and skin quality as well. It is the most expensive mineral water, but since it also provides many benefits, it can be made affordable. Though the bottle is very simple not much stylish and attractive.

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani – $60,000 per 750 ml

1. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani – $60,000 per 750 ml

Would you pay $60,000 for a bottle of water? This is the most expensive mineral water brands or most expensive bottled water in the world. This satisfies thirst and empties the pocket because of the high price. These bottles of water are from very rare sources, and their bejewelled exteriors make them very expensive in the world. It mainly belongs to France. The bottle is very unique and made of solid 24-karat gold. The water bottles of this drink come in a leather pouch. The water also contains 5 milligrams of gold dust which is very different from all other brands of bottled water. It is not affordable for everyone; only people who are status-conscious go in for it.

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