Top 10 Tips to Maintain Your Health and Body Fitness Good

There were in abundance, from churning out one after another: the advice to maintain a state of optimal health and fitness of waste and embrace an obvious macro-contexts of the lapping ‘of power and’ sport.

It is not hard to try to live healthily and try to secure significant longevity: unthinkable and take account of unexpected exceptions, of course, but there is more than a device that – taken as a lifestyle and daily routine – you can fit in the path of wellness.

I try to detail ten tips to ensure that the sacred goal of being good can be achieved in a clear manner: they are devices, especially food; in the course of my experience as an athlete and sports in general, I never neglected them. If I have guaranteed benefits?

I would say so, given that following ten rules are valuable so far failed to make me not miss anything. The only rule to be enforced with consistency is to avoid extremes: everything is possible. Enjoy only if you learn not to cross the border (thin) exaggeration. I’d say it’s worth it:

Top 10 Tips to Maintain Your Health and Body Fitness Good

Tip 1: Reduce body weight to maintain a desired volume and medical charts relevant to dietitians

Tip 2: Never give up the most important meal of the day, breakfast;

Tip 3: Get used to a ‘powerful and varied diet that includes all the foods and their properties;

Tip 4: Never give up the fruits and vegetables, more than a dietician should consider every day, 5 servings;

Tip 5: Pay attention to calories. The higher the calorie content of the food, the smaller the portion to be consumed;

Tip 6: Fats are highly caloric and must be taken in moderation. Controlling and minimizing saturated fats and foods that contain them most (e.g. cheeses, meats, sauces, pastries, fatty meat, butter, margarine.);

Tip 7: Consume fish at least twice a week;

Tip 8: Drink water freely, and limit the amount of fizzy drinks and sugary;

Tip 9: Preferred complex carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, and rice; prefer whole-grain products (find out what they know to be good as well as healthy: accustom our taste buds);

Tip 10: Practising regular exercise is adequate to their age and physical condition. It ‘’s important to walk, cycle, swimming every day and for at least half an hour a day.

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