Top 10 Yummy and Delicious Desserts to Eat

When it comes to sweet delicacies, we are sure none of you would say that you don’t like them. They certainly are something which no one can even think of resisting. We see lots and lots of desserts around us in different shapes, sizes and tastes. Let us look at the top 10 mouthwatering desserts to eat from around the world.

Castle Pudding

10. Castle Pudding

The castle pudding is surely a dessert to taste which is a pure product of the British people. England is not that famous for its delicacies. But if legends are to be believed, the castle pudding was eaten by the British mostly with their dinner in the peak winter season.

Maple Taffy

9. Maple Taffy

This dessert has its origin set in Canada. Canada is known for its maple syrup across the globe. This delicacy is made out of this syrup. Maple taffy could be your best dessert choice in Canada especially if you travel. The dessert is prepared by pouring hot maple syrup on clean white snow. It is then rolled around a stick and enjoyed.


8. Pavlova

Most of you must have never ever heard about Pavlov. This dessert traces its origin to the Australian continent. This delicacy is enjoyed by the majority of people residing in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. One needs to visit prestigious cake stores or restaurants to try out the delicacy.


7. Gelato

Gelato is a very tasty Italian delicacy. Nowadays it’s widely available in cities of India too. Gelato is featured in this list because of its high recommendations given by food buffs across the world.


6. Baklava

Baklava is a Turkish dessert with origin right from the Ottoman Empire days. It is a widely eaten dessert in some regions of Greece as well. Phyllo dough is the main ingredient of this recipe.

Beingets from Cade Du Monde

5. Beingets from Cade Du Monde

This sweet dish is considered to be one of the most famous delicacies of New Orleans, USA. It is served or presented with a lot of sugar on it. This dessert is really outstanding, especially for a hangover.

Cream Candy

4. Cream Candy

Cream Candy from Japan features in the list of our top 10 best desserts of all time. The main ingredients of the delicacy are vinegar, mirin sauce, sugar and sweet potatoes. It is the best choice for people who want to spend some time in the theatre.


3. Quindim

This is a famous dessert among Brazilian people that has now earned the fame of a worldwide famous dessert. Although its appearance same is quite deceiving. It is made with sugar infused with coconut and lots of eggs.

Gulaab Jamun

2. Gulaab Jamun

We are proud to tell you all that our very own Indian dessert Gulaab Jamun ranks second in our list of must-have delicacies. It is made up of regular milk, powder and pistachios or raisins. The delicacy contains sugar syrup as well.

Mont Blanc

1. Mont Blanc

Topping our list of top 10 must-have desserts is Mont Blanc at Angelina’s from Paris, France. It is enjoyed by people with a cup of tea. It is made up of is made of chestnut crème and whipped cream.

Now with finishing up the list, our taste buds are looking out for such delicious sweet delicacies. We are sure that the same is the case with you as well if you are a true dessert lover. Do try these as much as you can out of these desserts. Bon appetite!

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