Ten Italian Desserts You Simply Have To Try

Italian foods are well known around the globe. From pizza to gelato, so many great dishes have arisen from Italy and now they have fans all across the world. Italy has many variations from region to region, from lifestyle to traditions and of course food. In every region of the country, you will find different variations of food though all are equally mouthwatering. Only if you can’t taste all of them, Here are 10 Italian Desserts You Have To Try.


1. Tiramisu

Tiramisu literally translates into “pull me up”, which it surely will and is one of the most popular Italian desserts. Made with layers of ladyfingers dipped in espresso coffee, snuggled between rich mascarpone cream cheese and lightened with whipped egg yolks and cream. This dessert is said to have originated from the Veneto region of northern Italy. You can find lots of variations of this dessert.

Gelato & Granita

2. Gelato & Granita

The creamy, fruity, chocolatey frozen dessert, Gelato got its fame from Italy and it is appreciated worldwide. Unlike the ice creams that are available in most parts of the world, Gelatos contains less fat, less air and is served at a warmer temperature. Gelatos are made with more milk than cream and sweetened fruit purees giving them a more intense flavour. Granitas are also a popular dessert in Italy which is semi-frozen somewhere between sorbet, gelato, and Italian ice. These desserts are often flavoured with lemon juice, mandarin oranges, mint, and berries.

Cassata Siciliana

3. Cassata Siciliana

As its name suggests, Cassata Sicilians are from Sicily and are made with layers of sponge cake rounds with Italian ricotta cheese, candied peel and a filling of chocolate or vanilla. There are also variations of this like in Naples, it consists of gelato layers in place of the ricotta and fruit, like an ice cream cake, covered in a sugar glaze.

Bombolone & Struffoli

4. Bombolone & Struffoli

“Calorie bomb” or Bombolones are fluffy cream-filled doughnuts that are rich in calories and served fresh out of the oven. These tasty desserts made with butter, eggs, and other ingredients, is connected to Tuscany. Struffolis are Neapolitan desserts made of deep-fried balls of sweet dough that are crunchy on the outside and airy on the inside and coated in honey, cinnamon, sprinkles, and orange rind.

Panna Cotta

5. Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta is one of the most delicious and popular Italian desserts originating from the Piemonte region. Traditionally served with wild fruit coulis, chocolate or caramel sauce, you can find many variations and flavours of this dessert. It is available almost everywhere. A popular Panna Cotta dessert is goats milk and corn pannacotta with raspberries.

Zeppoles & Cartellate

6. Zeppoles & Cartellate

Zeppoles are fried dough filled with custard, jelly, cannoli-style pastry cream, or a butter-and-honey mixture and topped with powdered sugar. You can also enjoy zeppole as a savoury treat with an anchovy filling. They are mostly made on Saint Joseph’s Day. Cartellates are wheel-shaped fritters dipped in honey or wine syrup and topped with powdered sugar.

Babà al Rum

7. Babà al Rum

Baba or Baba au rhum is a yeasted cake that has been soaked in rum syrup and sometimes filled with pastry cream or whipped cream. These desserts are said to have originated in Poland but got their popularity from Naples. The dough is made with eggs, butter, and milk and it is one of the best desserts in Italy.

Chocolate Amaretti Cake

8. Chocolate Amaretti Cake

Amaretti is one of the most popular foods in Italy. These cookies are crisp on the outside and a little chewy on the inside. The Chocolate Amaretti Cake is made with Amaretti cookies, orange peel and melted chocolate. You can find a lot of Italian desserts made with Amaretti but this one is among the best.


9. Tartufo

This Italian ice cream dessert originated from Pizzo, Calabria and has a gooey filling of chocolate or fruit. They usually consist of two or more flavours of ice cream, with fruit syrup or frozen fruit and they are mixed together by hand.


10. Cannoli

Cannolis have become a staple of Sicilian cuisine. This Italian pastry originated in Sicily and has become one of the most popular Italian desserts. The shells of fried pastry dough are usually filled with ricotta. The smooth, creamy, and crunchy pastry with a sweet, creamy filling has become widely popular, especially in America.

If your sweet tooth still wants some more then try Cannoli, Biscotti, Sfogliatella, Pizzelle, Panforte, Angel wings, Limoncello tart, Pastiera Napoletana and Torta Caprese are some other famous Italian dessert that you should try.

Have you tried any of these Italian desserts? Which one would you like to try? Do let us know in the comments below.

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