Ten Major Advantages of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Ten Major Advantages of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial appliances cost more than residential units, and they aren’t suitable for most homes. Nonetheless, they offer a number of compelling benefits for restaurant owners. If you run an eatery, this equipment can help your kitchen become more productive and save money in the long run…


Powerful commercial appliances often complete tasks very rapidly. For instance, business-oriented microwave ovens usually operate at higher wattage levels than residential models. They can cook and reheat foods quickly, so your customers won’t complain about long waiting times.

Value For Money

You might not think you are getting value for money, after all, commercial-grade kitchen equipment often costs much more than everyday items. But most of the time they will do more and in a faster time! More features mean more money saved and it could work out better for you even in the short term! So if and when you plan on selling or buying a commercial restaurant, you know how to evaluate its worth. Of course, you could always take the help of commercial surveyors high wycombe, as these professionals understand the value of B2B commercial property better than anyone else.

Less Space

Not only do more features save you money, but they also save your space! You could end up getting six or seven used appliances built into one thing which can save way more space than you would think.

Saves You time

These machines also save time because they have higher capacities. Unlike household units, commercial stoves frequently feature six, eight or ten burners. Many restaurant coffee makers produce batches of 12 to 14 cups. Ovens, refrigerators, and freezers also hold more food.


It’s normally more efficient to use one commercial unit instead of two or three smaller residential machines. This conserves kitchen space as well as electricity and natural gas. Consequently, your eatery will receive smaller utility bills and have a less harmful impact on the environment.

Ten Major Advantages of Commercial Kitchen Equipment


Manufacturers use heavy-duty components when they produce these appliances. If people operate both types of equipment for long hours, commercial units will last much longer than their residential counterparts. This results in fewer business disruptions, part replacements, and costly service calls.


Business-oriented appliances have utility connections that were designed for the outlets in most restaurant kitchens. You probably won’t need to call an electrician if you use them. This type of kitchen typically has numerous 240-volt or 208V electrical outlets and uses bigger gas lines than a home. However, if you must bring in a local electrician for a safety check, then make sure they are reputable and can provide you with the services you need.


Commercial equipment providers offer warranty coverage for restaurant owners. If you use a home appliance in a business, this could void or at least shorten the manufacturer’s guarantee. You’ll need to pay the full cost of any parts or repairs, even when they become necessary only a few days after you purchase a machine.


One of the most important reasons to buy commercial kitchen equipment is that insurance companies expect business owners to use these products. If a home appliance causes damage or injuries, an insurer might deny your claim. This could result in huge out-of-pocket expenses and even the loss of your business.

Better Food

While you could argue that this is down to the chef using the tools rather than the tools themselves many top chefs say their commercial grade kitchen equipment does help them cook better food with more flavours. This could be down to them knowing the kitchen equipment they are using, but it could also be how it is made.

The bottom line is that commercial equipment protects you from unexpected costs, conserves energy, and enables you to serve customers more quickly. These valuable advantages could help your restaurant achieve a significantly higher profit margin while earning a better rating on Yelp.

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