Ten of The Very Best American Cities To Eat Burgers

In today’s fast-moving world when people don’t even find time for themselves, burgers are gaining high popularity among professionals and other people whose nature of the job requires them to show a high level of commitment. Today, I will give you a rundown on some of the cities in the United States where you can find the best burgers that everyone should try at least once…

Los Angeles

10. Los Angeles

Here you can find some of the best burger chains such as In-N-Out and Fatburger. A new burger has made its way to LA which is called Hollywood’s Fukuburger. It offers the consumers a touch of Japanese flavour with pickled ginger or wasabi mayo. A good place to eat burgers is Polo Lounge Burger which is located at Beverly Hills.

New York City

9. New York City

At number nine comes The Big Apple which has got many resplendent burger spots. You can find Bistro Burger at the West Village’s Corner Bistro and it doesn’t come very hard on your pocket as it costs only $8. Other famous burger chains are Boulud’s DBGB Kitchen and Bar on Browery both of which offer a reasonable range of delicious burgers.

Kansas City, Mo

8. Kansas City, Mo

Winning the barbecue category this year is our number eight city which is really famous for beef. The best spot to eat burgers in this city is Blanc Burgers + Bottles. Tired of walking to the counter to grab your order? Don’t worry at all because Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant facilitates its customers by delivering burgers in miniature trains.

Minneapolis/St. Paul

7. Minneapolis/St. Paul

Juicy Lucy is the name of fame for these twin cities. It is a burger with American cheese inside it. Another famous burger and a tasty burger is Vincent Burger which is prepared by mixing beef and short ribs. Vincent burger can be found at Minneapolis’s Vincent.

San Diego

6. San Diego

However, there are numerous places where you can find traditional burgers such as Hodad’s and Burger Lounge. But if you wish to taste something new and unique tonight, then go for the Tioli’s Crazee Burger which makes burgers out of alligator, boar and kangaroo.

San Juan, P.R.

5. San Juan, P.R.

Here you can find quality burgers from El Hamburger and El Patio de Sam. Moreover, this city is not only famous for burgers rather one finds himself in food street full of a great variety of nutritious food items.


4. Houston

Albeit last year this place was holding the top slot in the top ten list but this year it was dragged down to the fourth place. Lankford Grocery and Bubba’s Texas Burger Shack are the two excellent burger spots. This season, one newcomer has entered the market __ The Burger Guys. They make use of Kobe-style Akaushi beef and cook their fried in duck fat. That’s really delicious!


3. Chicago

This city is equally famous for its pizzas as it is for burgers. Some of the cool spots for eating burgers are Billy Goat Tavern, Kuma’s Corner and Slayer.


2. Philadelphia

It might come to you as a surprise that the last year’s number 8 has jumped on to number 2 this year. The credit goes to the celebrity chef Jose Garces whose Angus burgers have attracted a lot of consumers by virtue of their great taste. He tops the burgers with Rogue Blue Cheese and maple bourbon-glazed cipollini. Another new restaurant called Hickory Lane is also getting fame for its top-quality burgers.

Providence, R.I.

1. Providence, R.I.

This city has maintained a good reputation nearly in all food items due to the skilled and creative chefs it inhabits. If you really want to taste the burgers here then visit the Grass-Fed Burger and Harry’s Bar and Burger.

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