Ten Side Effects of Coffee in Women

Ten Side Effects of Coffee in Women

There are a number of side effects of coffee. The aroma of coffee allures the souls and you simply start getting dragged to it. The taste further develops liking. In short, it is like an addiction one can hardly avoid if it happens. In this article, the top 10 side effects of drinking coffee in women will be discussed…

Emotional Exhaustion

There is no doubt at all that caffeine certainly wakes you up and provides the body with more energy. You begin feeling that you can do more but in actuality your body needs rest. And when you sit down, you begin feeling even more tired than usual.

Panic Attacks

When you become used to coffee, panic attacks start happening. Your hands begin trembling, your body starts sweating and you begin expecting bad things/


The reports have it that the ladies who are prone to strong PMS can experience the problem even more if they take coffee too much.


If you have been taking more than three cups of coffee a day for the last few years, you can suffer decreased bone density. It often means that you may develop osteoporosis.

Ten Side Effects of Coffee in Women


Excessive use of coffee will lead you to develop cellulitis. Thus you have to stay away from the dangers of coffee.


When you take one cup of coffee, you then need to drink more than two cups of water in order to compensate for the fluids you have lost. It is obvious dehydration takes place due to coffee intake.

High Cholesterol

The ones who drink coffee regularly and in excess may lead to high cholesterol problems. And it is often seen in people who drink excessive coffee that they suffer heart attacks.

High Blood Pressure

Coffee for sure increases blood pressure and once you start drinking excessively, you suffer high blood pressure.

Ten Side Effects of Coffee in Women


People start losing sleep when they start drinking coffee excessively.


Coffee is an addiction. Once you develop the liking, you cannot leave it at all.

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