Ten Facts About KFC You Won’t Believe Are Real

Ten Facts About KFC You Won’t Believe Are Real
Ten Facts About KFC You Won’t Believe Are Real

Ah, the Colonel’s chicken at its best, yep, its Kentucky Fried Chicken (or KFC to friends) and here are ten amazing facts about it! From its birth date and idea conception to some of the craziest and most amazing facts and stats you simply won’t believe are real…



FACT 1: Colonel Sanders Hated KFC!

No seriously, he did! While he loved the brand and of course was the brand ambassador for most of his later life he later told reporters that he hated what KFC had become and didn’t like the taste of the chicken! (even though they really haven’t changed the original recipe in any way).

FACT 2: China Eats The Most KFC

While it is, of course, a pretty big franchise in America where is started it is China that consumes the most KFC and it is now a Christmas Eve tradition in the country to dine out with the family on KFC and on that day it is pre-booked tables in all KFC resultants only!

FACT 3: It is Owned by The Same Chain Who Owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell!

It is called the ‘Yum! Brands’ (a rather convenient name) and they own the worldwide franchise. This is also a testament to KFC’s success in China as it was snapped up quickly by the firm with almost zero negotiating.

FACT 4: The First KFC Was Originally a Gas Station!

In fact, it was still a gas station for several years while sales of the fried chicken tool off. It was Colonel Harland Sanders wish to fill peoples bellies on the cheap during the great depression in the country but ended up taking over the small gas station and many other places all around the world.

FACT 5: Colonel Sanders Is Not a Real Colonel!

Most people think this might have been his military rank as he did sign up to join the army in 1906, but alas it is just a title of honour not rank.

FACT 6: For The Last 20 Years of His Life Colonel Sanders Was the KFC Figure!

We all know that trademark white suit and bleached moustache and goatee, but the man himself was never, ever seen in public wearing anything else and looking no other way for the last 20 years he was alive! He wore a heavy wool suit in the winter and a light cotton suit in the summer.

FACT 7: The Colonel Hated KFC so Much He Opened a Competitive Brand!

It wasn’t just the chicken Colonel Sanders hated, it was the new (and current) owners. He hated what they had done to the brand (presumably because it had grown to massive levels) so opened up a new brand called “Claudia Sanders Chicken” (or CSC). While it didn’t last long mostly because he got sued the original CSC is still open today and is called “Claudia Sanders Dinner House”. You’ll never guess what they specialise in! …yep! Fried Chicken!

FACT 8: The First KFC Opened Almost 100 Years Ago!

That might sound like something from the dark ages, but it was just March 20, 1930 when the very first KFC chicken was sold at the Colonel’s small garage.

FACT 9: The Double Down April Fools Joke Backfired!

You might not believe this now, but the notorious “Double Down” sandwich was supposed to be a marketing stunt as it was supposed to be an April fools burger, thus a joke aimed at McDonald’s and sold on April Fools Day (April 1st), but that soon backfired as it is reported all restaurants selling it sold out before the midday rush! While they once thought no-one would take it seriously it is now one of the brands most popular menu items.

FACT 10: It Took 15 Years For The First Bucket to be Sold!

When it was first opened in March 20, 1930 it was just to a few local people and there really wasn’t any need to sell the tasty fried goodness in large quantities. But then just 15 years late you could get an official KFC bucket with 14 pieces of original recipe chicken, 5 bread rolls to eat them with and a whole pint of homemade gravy to dip them in! Personally, I prefer to eat them on their own.

Do you know of any other KFC facts? If you do why not leave a comment below and let others share in your knowledge.

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