Ten Facts About McDonald’s You Won’t Believe Are Real

Ten Facts About McDonald's You Won’t Believe Are Real
Ten Facts About McDonald’s You Won’t Believe Are Real

Love them or hate them, the history and stats behind McDonald’s are pretty interesting and in turn, these ten facts are all hard to believe as well. But they are indeed real and as fact-checked as I can…

FACT 1: Ronald McDonald Wasn’t the Founder!

You might think it was someone called Ronald McDonald or maybe just someone called “something” McDonald, but alas no. It was a man called Ray Kroc who is the founder! Sure, Richard and Maurice McDonald were the original owners, but without Ray, you and I would never have tasted the delights of a Big-Mac!

FACT 2: The Queen of England owns a McDonald’s Restaurant!

OK, so you won’t see William & Kate flipping burgers anytime soon, but the McDonald’s restaurant located near Buckingham Palace is indeed on land owned by the Royal Estate. So it’s not her personally that gave approval, but it is still technically owned by her.

FACT 3: It’s Not Always the “Golden Arches”

In Paris, France you will often see the arches are white instead of golden. But at a Mc’D’s in Sedona, Arizona. those arches are turquoise in colour! There are even a few McDonald’s that have black logos!

FACT 4: The McDonald’s Menu Has Changed…A Lot!

The very first McDonald’s restaurants were open for years before they started to serve fries and before that the original first McDonald’s only sold hotdogs! In fact, in some countries, they still do sell hot dogs!

FACT 5: McDonald’s is Way Older Than You Think

What year would you say it was when the very first McDonald’s restaurant opened in Phoenix, Arizona? Maybe as far back as the ’60s? In fact, it was opened in March 1953 (that is 23,980 days ago at the time or writing this post!)

FACT 6: McDonald’s Opened Its Drive-thru in 1975

If you think the fact that the first drive-thru being so long ago was interesting, the fact that it was built as a necessity is even more interesting! You see, the restaurant was located near a military base and all the soldiers who used to eat at McDonald’s were told they were not allowed into the restaurant or to leave their vehicles while still wearing fatigues. So to combat this rule the worlds first drive-thru was opened!

FACT 7: McDonald’s Are Located on Trains, Planes and many other Automobiles

From the McDonald’s located on a train in China to the McDonald’s located on a plane in New Zealand. There is even a McDonald’s restaurant on boats, cruise ships and even mobile food trucks! It seems if you can name it someone has turned it into a McDonald’s at some time or another.

FACT 8: McDonald’s IS NOT The World’s Largest Fast Food Restaurant Chain!

With 36,900 Locations you might have thought McDonald’s was the worlds biggest, but with 44,229 Locations it is Subway that overtakes them. I guess its all about the number of choices.

FACT 9: Drive-thru Doesn’t Necessary Mean Driving Through!

While there are rules on what type of vehicle you can visit a drive through on (no horses or tanks) there are also exceptions in certain places. At a ski-resort in Hungry, you can ski-thru but not snow-ski through!

FACT 10: The Number of McDonald’s Resturants is Going Down

In fact, it is dropping by a few hundred almost every year! As more and more high-street locations and shopping malls close down so does the need for the McDonald’s to be there. This trend has been going on since 2016 and there is no sign of the number of restaurants going up any time soon.

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