Ten of The Best Home Beer Brewers Sites Worthy of a Visit

Ten of The Best Home Beer Brewers Sites Worthy of a Visit

If you enjoy beer, you may have wondered just how much is involved in brewing beer. You may even have seen the beer brewing kits for sale and been tempted. The thing to realize is that like crafting most anything, there is a learning curve so don’t expect your first attempt to be perfect. You should definitely give it a try though because it’s fun! If you do it regularly, in time you’ll even find you save a bit of money once you’ve recouped the cost for the equipment, as long as you don’t factor in a dollar value for your time. As a hobby, beer brewing is perfect and the following ten websites will give you some great advice and insight. The sites are listed in order of their Alexa traffic count rating.

1. HomeBrewTalk: homebrewtalk.com

From the basics to the involved, this site is going to give you plenty of information about home beer brewing. There are articles, photos and recipes as well as a forum. You can also sign up for their free newsletter. A nice feature is the ability to search for and locate clubs in your area. It is also nice to see photos of everything from bar setups to equipment.

2. More Beer!: morebeer.com

This is a great source for beer brewing supplies. They carry home brew starter kits, ingredients, brewing equipment, fermenting equipment, cleaners & sanitisers, kegging, bottles, mead, hardware and more. You’ll even find winemaking and coffee-roasting equipment and supplies. The kits are an affordable way to get started with brewing. There are a number of how-to videos and articles on the site as well.

3. BeerSmith: beersmith.com

BeerSmith offers a fantastic software program that makes it easy to brew beer by taking out all the guesswork. The software offers step-by-step instructions for any recipe and you can use it to make unique beers or match beer styles from around the world. You can use the software for 21 days as a free trial before purchasing it. Beginners and experienced brewers will both love this site for the features, recipes, blog/podcast, videos and forum in addition to the unique and useful software.

Ten of The Best Home Beer Brewers Sites Worthy of a Visit

4. BrewYourOwn: byo.com

Offered by the magazine for Homebrew, this is an ideal website for those new to brewing and those that have already become addicted to the hobby. There is so much fun stuff on this site including blogs, recipes, techniques, beer-style information and so much more. You can also get back issues going back to 1998 as well as special issues. The New to Brewing section is a wonderful resource for beginners. You can sign up for a trial issue of this or their other magazine, WineMaker.

5. American Homebrewers Association: homebrewersassociation.org

Join the association that is all about homebrewing and you’ll get their magazine and other benefits such as member deals at breweries, pubs and homebrew supply shops. They also hold exclusive events for members. The Let’s Brew section offers help for beginner, intermediate and advanced home beer brewers as well as including homebrew recipes and a search feature for locating homebrew supply shops. Support from the AHA is needed to identify and challenge current laws that inhibit the hobby of homebrewing. There is also a forum link on the site.

6. Brew & Grow: brewandgrow.com

Brew & Grow is located in Crystal Lake, IL and they have managed to combine two passions into one business. You may not be interested in the Grow part which is regarding plant growing, but you will find the brewing part quite helpful. They offer an extensive selection of supplies and ingredients for home beer brewing and winemaking. They carry hops, dozens of grain varieties, yeasts, brewing equipment and brew kits. They also offer homebrewing classes in IL and WI. There are a number of books for sale on their site too that are perfect for learning more about beer brewing.

7. Brew 365: brew365.com

This is a no-frills site that offers articles on hops, malt, yeast and general homebrewing techniques along with a list of homebrewing recipes. You can select the recipes by choosing the beer you want, the style or the ingredients you want to use (hops, grains and yeast). There is also a tab for techniques and the trub. The site offers a water calculator and an IBU calculator as well.

8. Homebrewing: homebrewing.com

On this site, you will find a very comprehensive home brewing article centre that is very well organized. The site also has various calculators including an IBU calculator, force carbonation calculator, priming sugar calculator, water amounts calculator and more. What information you won’t find on the website, you’ll likely find in the brewing forum. They also sell all the products and supplies you will need. Be sure to check out the home brewing reference area as well for charts and guides to help you during your recipe creation and beer development.

Ten of The Best Home Beer Brewers Sites Worthy of a Visit

9. Drink Craft Beer: drinkcraftbeer.com

There are three interesting, unique and helpful features of this site. One is the Learn How to Homebrew section with step-by-step instructions and photos. The other part is their beer-of-the-month club review section which gives you their opinion of the various clubs out there for when you want to get some unique beers that you didn’t make yourself. The last feature is recipes you can make using either purchased beer or your own crafted beer. You’ll find beer bread, beer-battered onion rings and many more delectable recipes.

10. Homebrewers Outpost: homebrewers.com

Homebrewers Outpost opened in 1995 and is located in Flagstaff, AZ. They offer both beer-making and wine-making supplies. What is unique about them is they offer the lowest overall price, price matching guarantee and they offer free shipping on orders over $59. They also offer some related items such as books, beer and wine labels, root beer and soda extracts, glasses and gifts. The site also offers a number of videos for beginners and one intermediate video. They also have videos about their beer-making starter kit, starter kit upgrades and wine-making starter kit.

Beer brewing is not the big mystery so many people think and can be an enjoyable hobby in which you reap grand rewards – a beer that you won’t find anywhere else! You’ll be showing off your results with friends in no time and the party will always be at your house! Or, if you want to keep it to yourself, that’s fine also! Whatever you do please like, share and do leave a comment below.

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