Ten Simple Tricks for Improving Your Appetite

Ten Simple Tricks for Improving Your Appetite

Loss of appetite is a major problem around the world caused by a wide range of reasons from depression and anxiety to HIV and cancer. It is important to seek medical attention and treat the root cause of loss of appetite. However, you won’t visit a doctor every time you can’t stand the taste of certain food and that is where eating smart comes in. Solving Short term loss of appetite is important in strengthening your immunity to fight gut infections that are the major causes of the condition. You still need to visit a doctor if you suffer from acute loss of appetite for over 72 hours.

Try Eating In A Group

The monotony of eating alone causes people to lose interest in food sometimes without noticing. It also happens when you only eat food you have cooked for yourself because it is easy to lose a taste for the same type and style of food eaten every day. You should therefore try eating with friends and family. The motivation of eating with new faces will help you try new foods and eat more than you would when eating alone.

Try Nutrient Dense Drinks

Meal replacement drinks are a lifesaver when you are suffering from chronic loss of appetite because you have the option to replenish your strength without having to worry about taste. You have to be smart about your drink though so that you maximize proteins and Vitamins and not just calories. Blending fruits, whole grains, milk and vegetables into your meal replacement drink will help increase your intake of vital nutrients so that if you don’t get another meal afterwards, your body doesn’t feel the loss.

Embrace spices

Many people find lime, thyme, lemon or sage-flavored foods easier to stand when they have a loss of appetite. Ginger-laced food is also another way of improving your appetite. Ginger also helps increase your gut’s probiotic health which improves digestive health and will improve your appetite in the long run. Other spices such as cinnamon, black peppers, cumin and turmeric increase the rate of metabolism which helps your body digest food faster reducing the lag that causes loss of appetite.

Ten Simple Tricks for Improving Your Appetite

Cut Down On Sugar Consumption

Low blood sugar is what triggers the feeling of hunger and hence the appetite to look for food. This effort is undermined by heavily snacking on sugar-rich foods which don’t have anything to offer apart from calories. Eating too much sugary foods may therefore be the cause of loss of appetite, especially in children. Cutting down on the consumption of sugar trains your tastebuds to enjoy the taste of real food and boosts your appetite. Instead of the usual sweets and chocolate, try switching to healthier alternatives like cacao drinks or mushroom chocolate made with a blend of adaptogenic mushrooms like reishi, chaga, cordyceps, etc., and cacao or carob. Along with taste, they can also provide a whole host of health benefits, making you feel better and be healthier.

Create A Regular Exercise Routine

Living an active lifestyle saves you from lots of health issues including poor digestion and loss of appetite. Exercise doesn’t just help you burn calories, its increases metabolism which helps your cells to burn sugar. A regular exercise routine also helps your body plan its resources and hence encourages you to refuel when necessary to keep going. Exercise also helps relieve some of the main causes of loss of appetite including anxiety and depression.

Eat More Small Meals

Eating three square meals a day is good but it can become monotonous especially when you don’t many changes to the menu. If you have a stomach infection or any other underlying condition that causes you to hate the taste of food, you are better off going off the routine and having smaller unpredicted meals. Just eat five to six random small meals in the course of the day rather than three heavy meals that you can’t keep down. You should also play tricks on your mind by using bigger plates to serve food and presenting your food better so that you can eat as much as possible in the short windows you get.

Get Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil supplements are also known as marine n-3 fatty acids are the alternative to soy oil when it comes to dealing with the loss of appetite for healthy people. The oil may also be recommended for cancer patients who have trouble eating. If the other options aren’t working, you can go for fish supplements and use them daily for up to three weeks. Studies show that the supplements also improve your metabolism as well as boost gut health.

Cut Down On Alcohol

Heavy consumption of alcohol is a huge threat to your gut health. It may cause bowel problems, poor digestion and loss of appetite. As you take more alcohol, you lose the taste of real food and as dependence develops, your appetite goes away. It is therefore important to eat healthy before and after taking any alcoholic drinks and keep the drinking to a minimum. When you are trying to get your appetite back, it is wise to stay away from alcohol altogether.

Ten Simple Tricks for Improving Your Appetite

Get Vitamin Supplements

The shortage of Zinc, Thiamine (Vitamin B 1) and certain fatty acids including Omega 3 and Omega 6 cause loss of appetite. B12 which is found in most animal products is also vital for the metabolism in your cells which also helps improve your appetite. If your diet has fallen short of any of these Vitamins, then you should consider getting them to boost your appetite. You need a doctor’s recommendation before getting any of these Vitamin supplements though.

Eat Less Fibre-Rich Foods

Fibre is very important for your gut health as it improves probiotic health while also slowing down the speed at which food goes through the gut for proper absorption of nutrients. Eating too much fibre makes you feel fuller which reduces your appetite. When you are having trouble with your appetite, you should consider more nutrient-dense food over fibre-rich options.

Do you know of any other tricks for improving your appetite? If you do why not tell us about them in the comments below.

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