Ten Simple Ways to Get Rid of Your Excess Weight

 Ten Simple Ways to Get Rid of Your Excess Weight


Everyone wants to have a perfect body. If you want to have a beautiful body free from excess weight, you can start by reading this article and applying some of its suggestions. Now we understand it is not that easy for some people to do this, but armed with a little bit of knowledge you can make small changes for the better…

You Should Shrink Your Dinner Plate

We wanted to emphasize its importance by putting this seemingly simple application at the top of our list. By making your plate smaller, you can reduce the calories you get from the food you eat by half, and you will not feel any hunger with the psychological effect of finishing your plate. In fact, dinner plates produced for children are large enough to feed an adult. If you start by shrinking your plate, you can lose 4 kilos in a year without any further application.

Take Care of Your Sleep

The relationship between sleep and weight is too important to be underestimated. Studies have shown that individuals with regular sleep hours have more ideal and suitable weights than individuals with irregular sleep hours. Dr. Mehmet ÖZ recommends regular and quality sleep to his patients and adds that lack of sleep will disrupt the hormone balance in the body and cause an increase in appetite.

Eat Your Meal on Time

Have a regular eating pattern and never skip meals. When you skip meals, your body automatically goes into fat storage mode and this fat comes back to you as excess weight. Also, skipping meals will make it harder for your body to burn calories.

Beware of Dinner Meals

The evening is the time to prepare our bodies for sleep and rest. If you spend this time eating fatty and high-calorie food, your body will not lose weight. In the evening, choose vegetables with low calories, especially with plenty of water and high fiber content. Also, do not forget that eating late at night will negatively affect both your health and weight.

Don’t Hurry While Eating

Don’t cram your meals into times when you’re short on time. Be comfortable while eating and try to digest slowly. It will take more than 15 minutes for our brain to perceive the feeling of fullness. Experts recommend that a meal be eaten in at least 20 minutes. Also, chatting while eating increases the time it takes to eat. With the brain’s perception of the feeling of fullness, you will realize that you are full and you will be able to end your meal.

 Ten Simple Ways to Get Rid of Your Excess Weight

Take Care of Being Active

Research conducted on excited, fidgety people shows that they have thinner and ideal bodies compared to people who live slowly and still. Do not look for an excuse to act, or if there will be an excuse, find an excuse and take action. You can even take a walk inside the house. Cleaning the house for 30 minutes will burn you 100 calories. Running for 15 minutes at a slow pace every day will make you lose 5 kilos in a year. When losing weight is so easy, if you choose to sit down and live without rules, you will have to suffer the consequences.

Choose Beverage Correctly

Our weight does not come from solid foods alone. Drinks are just as effective in gaining weight as food. You can consume ready-made soups such as lentils, tarhana or ezogelin every day. It creates a feeling of satiety and helps you lose weight. You should keep the salt content low. In addition, if you drink a mint-lemon mixture with little or no sugar, green tea, decaffeinated black coffee and plain mineral water, you can see great benefits in fighting your weight. You should stay away from carbonated drinks and fruit juices with high sugar content, these will negatively affect both your health and weight.

Assess Daily Events

Calculate how many steps you take per day by purchasing a pedometer device and take care to take more than ten thousand steps. Healthy and regular sex life can also burn good calories and affect your weight loss. Try and have foods that consist of nuts, sliced ​​vegetables and fresh fruit at the ready. Avoid snacking while watching TV. Check your weight daily and do it at the same time every day, so you can be more determined and successful.

Prepare a Meal Plan

Meal planning will keep you away from sudden blackouts and risky foods that cause weight gain. If you plan what you will eat in advance, you will be protected from the last minute decision and unhealthy meals in this decision. While planning, you will definitely have low-calorie, fat-free, fruit and vegetable foodstuffs. However, unplanned eating will have the effect of eating indiscriminately from the food in the refrigerator. Remember when you’re hungry it’s not you:)

Don’t be idle, Get a Hobby!

People with hobbies and occupations are happier than people who sit idle and spend their time in front of the TV. If your only source of pleasure is cooking and eating, then your situation is not very pleasant. We are not telling you to go find a very active hobby. Your hobby can also be listening to music, painting, doing volunteer activities, walking, swimming, reading, and handicrafts. If you are a person who loves to sit idle and eat, it will definitely direct you to food. For this reason, do not stay idle and find a hobby for yourself and get rid of your weight as soon as possible.

Do you know of any other tips for weight loss? If you do why not let us know in the comments below.

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