Ten Retro Sweets That Will Bring Back Instant Memories

Ten Retro Sweets That Will Bring Back Instant Memories

Retro sweets are all the rage at the moment with Christmas markets up and down the country selling them by the quarter. The good news is you don’t have to go out in the cold to get some because there are plenty of websites that sell retro sweets online. So let’s jog that memory of yours and take a tasty look back on the past…

Candy Necklaces

1. Candy Necklaces

These form many girls’ first experiences with jewellery! The pastel-coloured candy rings strung onto elastic make great trinkets to wear or share. And no one ever minds that the elastic gets soggy once you start to eat them.

Popping candy

2. Popping candy

Everyone remembers the first time these little rocks fizz and explode on their tongue when tipping the packet up and into their mouths. Available in various flavours, such as cherry, strawberry and cola, this candy is made with tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide trapped inside which are released when they become wet.

Wham Bar

3. Wham Bar

This chewy treat was always a favourite from the school tuck shop, owing to how long you could make it last and its relative inexpensiveness. The chewy taffy is interspersed with coloured pieces of sherbet and remains popular today.

Sherbet Fountain

4. Sherbet Fountain

Even those who don’t like liquorice can stomach it as a method of shovelling neat sherbet into their mouths when they have a Sherbet Fountain. The soggy cardboard tube has now been replaced by plastic but you can still tip it up and down the lot in one and then enjoy the liquorice afterwards.

Candy Sticks

5. Candy Sticks

Don’t deny it – you were one of the cool kids pretending that these were cigarettes, weren’t you? In fact, they had red bits on the end to encourage you to imagine they were alight! Now rebranded and more PC, these still taste just as delicious.

Drumstick Lollies

6. Drumstick Lollies

With their red, yellow and green striped wrappers, these sweets are immediately recognizable. These chewy lollies come in either milk or raspberry flavour and must be sucked considerably before they are soft enough to chew.

Flying Saucers

7. Flying Saucers

It seems that kids can’t get enough of sherbet! These coloured rice paper discs are filled with the fizzy stuff. When the rice paper goes all soggy on your tongue the sherbet provides a welcome fizzy kick.

Friendship Rings

8. Friendship Rings

Another staple piece of jewellery for young girls, friendship rings are coloured jelly sweets that will stretch to fit even the chubbiest of fingers! These little gummy rings are a great way to tell your friends that you love them!

Parma Violets

9. Parma Violets

An icon of retro British sweets, these little hard disc-shaped lavender-coloured candies come in little cellophane plastic tubes with twisted ends. Delicately smelling of violets, these little treats are fun and fragrant and easy to share amongst friends.

Double Dip Sherbet

10. Double Dip Sherbet

Another tuck shop favourite, Double Dips feature even more sherbet! These contain two fruity flavours of sherbet, orange and cherry, with a flat and fizzy paddle swizzlestick to scoop the sherbet up with.

Do you remember any of these retro sweets? Is there another retro sweet that you think should have made this list? Why not tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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