Ten Amazing Things to Make With Kiwifruit You Need to Try

I bet I can surprise you! Did you know that a Kiwifruit isn’t a fruit at all! Despite its name, it is, in fact, a berry (A Chinese gooseberry in fact), a berry just like giant, bright green  Strawberries!  Personally, I do like a nice bit of Kiwifruit myself now and again and the other day someone who has been reading these silly top 10’s of mine since day one said that he also liked Kiwi himself. So without further ado, I bring you a post that is dedicated to you, Marcelino. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you…

No Bake Kiwi Cheesecake

No Bake Kiwi Cheesecake – Source Link

It seems that Cheesecakes are the Bacon of the dessert world. It doesn’t matter what you make a cheesecake with it will look and taste awesome  And this one made with Kiki is no different.

Kiwi Smartini

Kiwi Smartini – Source Link

This rather amazing image of a non-alcoholic Kiwi drink is inspired by the original recipe that is located via the image link. Perfect for Bridal showers (whatever they are!) and weddings these Kiwi Smartini’s look great and probably taste much the same way.

Kiwi Cream English muffin

Kiwi Cream English muffin – Source Link

Oh, my do these look amazing. I love muffins at most times, but ones made with Kiwi just have a certain edge that makes them extra special. Now just visit the link, whip up a batch and then send some to me, please! (Don’t make me beg!!!)

Zespri Kiwi Cupcakes

Zespri Kiwi Cupcakes – Source Link

These amazing cupcakes are made from an awesome blogger and while the link to their post doesn’t contain a recipe they are more than happy to talk about how to make them.

Kiwi Fruit Cake

Kiwi Fruit Cake – Source Link

Check out this rather drool-worthy looking Kiwifruit cake! With it’s “Sliced” effect top and sponge that looks like it would please even the fussiest of people it is one of the best Kiwi cakes you will ever see.

Kiwi Dessert Pizza

Kiwi Dessert Pizza – Source Link

The berry pizza is essentially a big cookie (for the crust) with a sweet cream cheese base and the fruit on top. Super easy to make and great for a ladies brunch/baby/wedding shower. Thank you, goes to rooty toot

Kiwi Jam on Toast

Kiwi Jam on Toast – Source Link

I have to admit that I had never heard of Kiwi Jam when I started this blog post, but it does, in fact, look quite nice! And by using the guide in the link appears, it is quite easy to make!

Kiwi passionfruit pavlova

Kiwi passionfruit pavlova – Source Link

Words will never be able to do this image of a passion fruit pavlova justice, all you need to know is that it most probably tastes awesome and there is a great “Video Guide” on how to make it in the link! Sounds so simple even I might have to try to make one!

Chocolate-Covered Kiwi Pops

Chocolate-Covered Kiwi Pops – Source Link

If truth is known I would be able to eat about a hundred of these and then still be able to work my way through this entire top 10! But just because they are small doesn’t mean they are not awesome because that is exactly what they are.

Kiwifruit Dessert Kebabs

Kiwifruit Dessert Kebabs – Source Link

I don’t care what anyone says, this is the best thing I have seen made with Kiwifruit anywhere! Jaw-Dropping, needs no explaining how to make it and would make even the most fruit hating of people drool with a desire for them. Now, where are my Kebab skewers?!

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