Ten Amazing Ways to Use Coffee Grounds

Ten Amazing Ways to Use Coffee Grounds

Finding new purposes for the old is creative and at the same time, it offers you a way to live life in a greener way. While enjoying its flavour, consider the journey the organic grounds have went through from Brazil, Indonesia, Columbia Latin America or Africa until being able to delight your tastes. It is a pity not to benefit from their properties and to throw them away. In this respect, there are several ways in which you can use these coffee grounds. After drinking the morning coffee, store the grounds in the fridge in a ball or a cup. When you have gathered enough, try one of the top ways described below:

1. Cellulite Reducer

The first and foremost way is to mix 1/4 cup warm, used coffee grounds with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and with some hot paprika. First, test this mixture on a part of your body. Then, try to apply on the areas with problems. You can do this procedure in the bath, while standing on a newspaper. Then, gather the mix again, put it on your skin, wrap the areas with shrink wrap, and leave on for several minutes. Unwind the wrap, brush loose grounds off our skin and then shower. It is recommended to repeat this procedure at least twice a week, for 2 month in order to obtain results.

2. Deodorizer

Guess what: for attracting and absorbing odors naturally, the perfect ingredients are used coffee grounds. The trick here is to let them dry fist. You can deodorize your wardrobe by putting the used beans in a old pair of tights, sealing them with a knot and then placing them in the wardrobe. They can be used even for the fridge: make a plastic cover for them, poke holes it the cover with the help of a needle and place in the fridge. After about one month, they can be replaced. This way, one can easily eliminate the smell of spoiled food. A great way is to put the grounds into the ashtray to attract the smell!

Plant Food

3. Plant Food

This fertilizer will work best for acid-loving plants, like tomatoes, roses, azaleas or blueberries. Coffee grounds add minerals, vitamins and nitrogen to the soil, but be careful not to overdo it. Adding coffee to the soil will increase its nutritional value while improving the fertility of the soil. It will also aid with attracting earthworms. A strong word of advice is to use organic coffee as this works better when added to the pots of plant.

4. Insect Repellant

I kid you not. Coffee grounds also work as a pesticide. Ants can be annoying, especially if they manage to make their way to your clothes. Just sprinkle dried grounds around the places you don’t want ants, or directly on the ant piles and they will move on or stay away.

Use in Beauty Routine

5. Use in Beauty Routine

The grounds can be easily incorporated into the beauty routine. For example, if you are a brunette, even washing your hair, rub coffee grounds through wet hair. This way, you will manage to easily soften and add shine to hair. But be careful, as it is not recommended for blonds. Moreover, the grounds can be used in order to exfoliate your skin. Just massage over skin and then rinse.

6. Cleaning product

You can get rid of elbow grease on your pans and have them squeaky clean but rubbing spent coffee grounds on them using a scouring pad. This will lead to more abrasion and the upside is that you will use fewer cleaning products thus fewer chemicals on your cookware.

Remove Cooking Odors

7. Remove Cooking Odors

Coffee grounds are excellent at removing bad smells and work like magic on your hands after you chop foods like garlic, onions and fish. This way, your hand won’t smell all day like the food you have prepared. Also, spent coffee grounds can be used to remove food odours, but they will also feel smooth and soft afterwards.

8. Kitty repellent

If you are a cat owner that loves flowers, here is a tip you must try! Orange peels and spent coffee grounds can save your rose bushes from becoming your cat’s powder room. Also, the coffee grounds will not only do the trick in this case but it will also work as a fertilizer for your flowers.

9. Taste problem?

If you want to enjoy different types of wine or beverages fully, you should try and keep a little coffee ground in your mouth between the sips, as this will eliminate any previous tastes and you will be able to drink and compare tastes with your friends.

Pin cushion filler

10. Pin cushion filler

The dried coffee grounds are the perfect filler for the homemade cushion filler. Just put the beans in a piece of cloth, wrap it off with a piece of rubber and then place the cloth in a small cup or any small cup or container. The grounds will prevent the pins from rusting as well.

If you know of any other weird or wonderful ways to use old coffee grounds do let us know in the comments below. 

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