Ten Things You Should Know Before Eating Meat

Ten Things You Should Know Before Eating Meat

The richest foods in proteins are eggs, fish, chicken, cattle meat, and dairy products. Everybody knows that animal proteins contain the essential amino acids which aren’t produced by the human body, and they contribute to the growth and development of vital organs. The muscles, the bones, and the circulatory system require proteins. Moreover, substances which can be found in meat prevent malnutrition and anaemia when energy levels are low. Here are some things you should know about meat:

1. Meat contains the most important proteins

Meat is the most indicated food type when it comes to essential amino acids. Moreover, if you want to eat meat rich in proteins, it doesn’t have to be also rich in calories. You can buy leaner meat, but still assimilate a large quantity of important nutrients. All types of meat represent an important source of proteins with a high biologic value, much needed by organs and tissue.

2. Meat represents a necessary evil

Doctors say that meat consumption is a necessary evil because in the long run, not eating meat has a lot of disadvantages regarding the intake of saturated fats and calories. If you really want to give up eating meat, you should at least continue to eat dairy products. The toxins which can be found in meat are caused by inappropriate hormones administered to the animals. As a result, if you consume grass-fed meat, you will not assimilate any toxins.

3. Meat has therapeutic properties

Meat helps us maintain our beautiful skin. If you want to have a beautiful complexion, Chinese experts recommend 100 grams of boiled meat every day. They also say you should eat it at lunch with rice or potatoes, and it will help hydrate your skin.

Ten Things You Should Know Before Eating Meat

4. Meat is delicious!

Cooking meat has become an art. There are over one thousand delicious recipes, and expert chefs are still searching for more. Steaks are the most common cut of meat to cook on a grill, because they are easy to make, delicious and tender. Also, grilled steak is very healthy. If you don’t know how to cook this type of meat, or if you don’t have enough time you can also buy steaks online!

5. Meat Contains Iron

Meat, and especially red meat is very rich in heme iron, and other important minerals. Heme iron is easily absorbed by the human body, and it has beneficial effects on our organisms. First of all, if you don’t have enough iron in your body you will feel dizzy and tired. Also, pregnant women and children are likely to have low reserves of iron.

6. Meat contains Zinc and Magnesium

Zinc is another great example of an antioxidant that the body should not be deprived of because it contributes to protein synthesis and muscle growth. Zinc is responsible for the reinforcement of the immune system, and it also improves the efficiency of insulin protection. Magnesium has a lot of beneficial effects on the body, and if we don’t have enough of it in our bodies we will experience headaches and fatigue.

7. Tradition

Although vegans and vegetarians condemn people who eat meat, the truth is that our ancestors ate meat. This is how they could survive the harsh winters and gruesome conditions. Also, red meat has always been an important element in the human diet. Lamb mutton provided sustenance for the people of the Middle East, Bison was the main element in the Native American’s Diet, and Europeans couldn’t live without pork or beef. We understand the principles of the vegan lifestyle, but let’s face it, meat has been a part of our diets for over 1 million years, and people from the prehistoric era did not die of it. What we die of today are foods which contain too many additives and unhealthy substances.

8. Perennial grasses for cattle

Grass-finished meats offer the very best nutritional profile. Actually, there are more and more animals that are grain-fed, with corn, wheat and other natural plants. Why is this so important? First of all, a natural diet for the animal means beneficial microbes, fungi, and earthworms which result in healthy excrement, that returns to the soil. Perennial roots extend more than 10 feet below the surface and extract those rich substances which help the cattle produce healthy, lean meat, free of toxins.

Ten Things You Should Know Before Eating Meat

9. Animals that eat grass mean safer meat

Most people who decide to follow the vegan lifestyle, make this change because they are disgusted by animal cruelty and the toxins which can be found in meat. However, more and more farmers have become aware of the importance of healthy meat. Grass-fed animals ingest the normal amount of fat which prevents artery-clogging, high cholesterol and other diseases. Moreover, by eating grass they are capable of producing Omega-3 which is essential for our organisms. Check for grass-fed meat, cook the meat the right way and you will have nothing to lose.

10. Pastured Animals are treated more humanely

There is always the humanitarian perspective that we should consider. We know that in slaughtering houses animals are sacrificed and treated horribly, they are packed together like sardines, and put down with bestiality, mainly because it is cheaper to hurt them with no remorse than to administer the right kind of treatment. Pastured animals are put to rest without any suffering, and their lives are respected, because they spend most of their time being free.

This is not the kind of article which tries to convince people to eat meat, but we try to show you that meat is not as bad as some make it. There are indeed alternatives to unhealthy meat, but there are also healthy types of animal-based products that you can consume.

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