Ten Basic Items You Might Need to Food Prep

Ten Basic Items You Might Need to Food Prep

If you’re on Instagram or Pinterest, then you’re likely aware of “food prepping,” in which people spend a portion of their day (typically Sunday) preparing their meals for the week ahead and share their accomplishments on social media. People food prep to do more than just brag, of course, as it can save money (e.g., one trip to the grocery store, less eating out) and contribute to healthier eating. Now that everyone is caught up, what is actually needed to join the food prep craze?

1 – Time

Expect to spend anywhere from 1-10 hours on food prep depending on cooking methods (e.g., slow cooker vs. oven vs. grill).

2 – Store Fliers

Those with flexible diets should check out what’s on sale at their local grocery stores to make meal prep both convenient (at least after it’s done) and economical.

3 – Menu Plan

3 – Menu Plan

Meal by meal, food preppers plan what they will eat and when. Planning a menu is even more effective when it’s done based on what’s on sale.

4 – Grocery List

By having a set meal plan, it’s much easier to understand what ingredients are needed at the grocery store. This will save time and money as shoppers aren’t aimlessly wandering the store and picking up items they don’t need.

The Right Cookware & Utensils

5 – The Right Cookware & Utensils

A grill pan, a crockpot, a blender (soups and dressings), a pot, a knife and other cookware and utensils will complement food-prep efforts.

6 – Storage Containers

The prepped food has to go somewhere. Get Tupperware, mason jars or the like to store food for the week. Make sure it’s easily portable if bringing it to work.

Fridge Space

7 – Fridge Space

Often overlooked, it’s important to have enough space in the fridge for all the bulky and oddly shaped storage containers one now has.

8 – Planned Portions

Most people food prep to get healthy or lose weight, so they appreciate the pre-portioned meals. Measure out the portions before separating them into the storage containers.

Freezer Bags

9 – Freezer Bags

Food prep may yield more meals than actually needed for the week, so either have extra storage containers on hand or freezer bags (let the food cool off first) to pop the extras in the freezer for later.

10 – A Camera

Time to show off all the hard work and inspire others. Sure, this is not really needed, but it does serve a purpose. You can take pictures of all the foods you have to remind you what and where everything is! This is especially handy when you have a deep freezer where you can’t see the labels or sides of the food containers.

Do you have any other tips for food preppers? If you do why not leave a comment below and share it with everyone.

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