Ten Mostly Unknown Benefits of Donkey Milk

Ten Mostly Unknown Benefits of Donkey Milk

The benefits of donkey milk, which is not widely consumed among the public, do not end with counting. Donkey milk, known as the closest milk to breast milk, is beneficial for many diseases from asthma to bronchitis. The milk of the donkeys raised in private farms established in Turkey is sent to many buyers located all over the world. And over in Italy, they carry out many campaigns to encourage newborn babies and the elderly to drink donkey milk. Donkey milk is not fully boiled like other kinds of milk and is consumed raw which means any natural benefits they offer go straight into the body, like these…

Respiratory Tracts

Donkey milk is good for asthma, bronchitis and many respiratory diseases. You can use it effectively in the treatment of these diseases.


Donkey milk gives vitality to the body thanks to the minerals in it and strengthens the immune system, enabling you to resist diseases.


Donkey milk is also beneficial for cancer with the minerals it brings to the body.

Ten Mostly Unknown Benefits of Donkey Milk


Donkey milk helps to reduce fever in high fever diseases.


Antibacterial enzymes in donkey milk fight diseases and give vitality to the body. It also increases body resistance.

Skin Health

You can wash your body with donkey milk or clean your skin with a cotton ball. Donkey milk, which treats skin diseases, this also means you will have healthy and bright skin.

Beneficial for Bones

The high calcium values ​​in donkey milk prevent osteoporosis. It also contributes significantly to the development of bones. Donkey milk can also be used by babies as it does not cause allergies like cow’s milk.


Thanks to its high omega 3 values, it protects the heart and helps it stay healthy.

Ten Mostly Unknown Benefits of Donkey Milk


Donkey milk makes a great contribution to metabolism. It is a food that helps you keep your body in shape as it accelerates fat burning.


Donkey milk has an expectorant effect apart from what we have mentioned above. It is also used in the treatment of cirrhosis disease.

It is worth noting that not all countries allow the consumption of donkey milk and it can be quite an acquired taste, but do try and sample it if you can. 

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